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The Impact over the Years.

$85,000 plus given to 24 Wildlife Heroes in 8 African countries.
This has saved Lions, cared for baby Rhino, rescued Pangolin, protected Elephants, nurtured orphaned Monkeys... and the list goes on.
That's making a difference for a ton of animals!

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    Six Easy Steps to Make a Difference in 2021. Crazy 2020 is behind us! Hurray! Let's look ahead at how to make a difference in 2021. Life feels better when we're doing a bit of good. You may not have much and think you don't matter... You do! Meet our Wildlife Heroes
  • How Nikela and YOU help people saving wildlife in Africa

    Wildlife is Africa! Sadly elephant, lions, rhino, pangolin and many other endangered wildlife species are being killed every day for their body parts. But there is good news. Nikela connects you to real Wildlife Heroes. You give monthly, we send 100% to help right there on the ground.
  • How Moses Saves Elephants from Human Wildlife Conflicts in Tanzania with Bees

    When humans and wildlife live in close proximity there's trouble. Human wildlife conflicts between elephants and farmers is a real problem in the northern part of Tanzania. Here elephants find nearby farmers' crops very tasty. Farm crops are destroyed. Farmers get angry and at times elephants or humans are killed or injured. Read more...

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Why Others Like You Give

Pirjo – DONOR

“After several visits to Africa I understood that the best way to support nature conservation in Africa is via hands-on grass-root projects. Nikela is just doing that.”

Anon – DONOR

“I spent 25 dollars on a beehive. As a 14 year old. I wish I could do more.”

Tamarind – DONOR

“I love the work that Margrit and Russ do for African wildlife. It’s an honor to help their causes, and the bee boxes were especially fun.”

Beehive88 – DONOR

“Lovely people who make a lot of difference for both African people and African wildlife.”

Meryn – DONOR

“… The highest level of integrity is apparent as one can see the immediate impact of every donation…”

Fred & Kay- Monthly Donor

“We just increased our monthly gift… because we really appreciate what you’re doing right there on the ground.”

Nancy – Monthly Donor

“Really like hearing what’s happening right there on the ground with my donation.”

Roxanne – Monthly Donor

“Love it that you know each Wildlife Hero personally and that 100% of my donation goes to help.”


Thank you for the great work you do!”

Paige L.

“My mother, Margie, passed away… I hope this money can do some good in her name.”

Robin K.

Thank you for everything you are doing to stop the poaching crisis.”


“I’m grateful today for the work that you do and grateful that I was able to do just a small part in helping Moses and the elephants”

Jeannine – by chance

“I was looking for information and came across your page to donate to help save vultures. I couldn’t say no.”


“In January 2019 I saw one of your videos by “accident” and then was hooked. Thank you for doing this amazing work.“

Baye Elizabeth Pigors – founder Free to be Wild

“Thank you guys for your support through the years and for always coming to visit. To be honest you impact us so much because we are a small organization and what you do just means so much to us .”

Mina M. (volunteer – USA)

“I love the idea of giving back to the environment and the animals who cannot speak up for themselves… Nikela helps me focus on things that are important to me personally.”

Neville B. (monthly donor – New Zealand)

It is people like you that enable others like myself to find a home for our modest contributionsI can’t read a story like POACHED!  and do nothing. 

Golda V. (donor)

I donated because I want to help people who are working hard to and directly to save African wildlife…

Sandra R. (donor and volunteer – USA)

I loved the idea of working with people who are fighting such a noble cause.  I love working with Margrit…  keeping us all together and motivated …

Pawan – India – Longest standing monthly donor

Hats off to you and Sir who still in this (your) age are doing fantastic job to protect wild life…

Margie (monthly donor – USA)

I’m so amazed at you and Russ. Love your blogs and emails!

Liz (monthly donor – USA)

I remember hearing that recurring donations help immensely…  Glad to be a part of your work. 

Colleen G. (volunteer – Switzerland)

…what better way to be involved with helping the planet than by actually making some changes?

Mike S. (monthly donor and volunteer)

I just like to help!

Jess (donor – UK)

It’s brilliant that there are people like you doing the work you do.

Cassie S. (volunteer – USA)

I’m a college student on a budget, so I can’t donate much money. Instead… I ended up volunteering with Nikela.

Megaen K. (volunteer – USA)

…I believe in the work that they do. I want to support the dedicated people in South Africa who are working to help animals. They are heroes.

Jim B. (donor – USA)

I’m a friend of Sandy L… in whose honor I made this donation. She told me about and I’ll continue to send support when I can.

Kubilay (monthly donor – India)

…I deliberately made two transactions. First I saw Baye and then Peter and I wanted to give them both a hand.

Mikaela R. (volunteer – USA)

I am grateful to assist in promoting the protection of wildlife in anyway and am honored to partake in such an important and humbling mission.

Khristinna S. (volunteer – USA)

Working closely with the Nikela team and knowing you are contributing to a great cause inspires you every day…

Kalli D. (volunteer – USA)

…to stay connected to the ongoing fight and reality of the wildlife trade I wanted to volunteer with Nikela.

Joyce C. (volunteer – USA)

I got my current part time job because my employer saw the giraffe infographic I created.

Frank v. E. (volunteer – Netherlands)

Small charity organizations can accomplish very direct results… 

Shawn B. (volunteer – USA)

…my team and I were tasked to create a fresh video to promote a participating nonprofit.  After sorting through all of the contenders, we decided on Nikela…

Brandi W. (volunteer – USA)

…I couldn’t stand by and do nothing. Complacency isn’t in my vocabulary. The Earth is losing species faster than ever before! And is happening on our watch…

Jessica I. (volunteer – USA)

…Nikela’s variety of projects and involvement in telling the right stories, by educated people lays the foundation for change. I really enjoy contributing to that.

Heather S. (volunteer – USA)

It is fun to be included in a great project… We are all in this together and as a group, it can be done!

Wendy S. (long standing volunteer)

I love being a part of this…  always wished I could find a way to save them (which isn’t very easy when you live in Ohio.) I wanted to be a “voice” for the rhinos. 

News from the Bush

Now Available the FREE EBOOK The Modern Wildlife Ranger

Now Available the FREE EBOOK The Modern Wildlife Ranger

Did you know “A wildlife ranger’s life is now at far greater threat from poachers than from any of the animals he/she works with?”  Peter Milton states in the latest free ebook. On that frightening note, let’s not shy away from the ever important frontline work performed by the modern wildlife ranger. Without them poaching would most likely have wiped out Africa’s endangered wildlife species already, and put many others on the protected species list. Peter Milton has been protecting the endangered rhino for decades. In this second free ebook published by Nikela Peter shares how much being a wildlife… 

How to Make a Difference in 2021 in Six Easy Steps

How to Make a Difference in 2021 in Six Easy Steps

With crazy 2020 behind us let’s look ahead at how to make a difference in 2021. If you’re like most folk life is better when you’re giving a bit to help someone else. You may not have much and think your small charitable donation can’t make a difference. Well, here is some good news for you. Six Easy Steps to Make a Difference in 2021 #1 Visit our home page Simply click here and you’re well on your way to make a difference in 2021. #2 Choose a Wildlife Hero Now, this part may take a bit longer. You’re on… 

How you Helped Nikela Help People Saving Wildlife in 2020

How you Helped Nikela Help People Saving Wildlife in 2020

Despite the devastating COVID-19 pandemic 2020 did not stop folk like you from donating to help people saving wildlife. Actually 2020 turned out to be one of our biggest giving years yet! To date Nikela has given over $85,000 to 24 projects in 8 African countries. Now when you compare that with the World Wildlife Fund, African Parks and other large organizations it’s not much. However, for those on the ground, those Wildlife Heroes we support it means a great deal. Recently Moses Arineitwe said, “Thank you for supporting me when no other organization will.” Moses runs too small of… 

How to Set Goals and Make Plans during the Coronavirus Pandemic

How to Set Goals and Make Plans during the Coronavirus Pandemic

“The South African borders are open to international travel!” “Hurrah, let’s go!” Then a spike in COVID cases, oh no! Feedback from those on the ground in South Africa where our Land Rover is parked is a mixed bag of “Come!” “Don’t come!” “Do it!” “Don’t do it!” How can you set goals or make plans during the coronavirus pandemic when situations change daily? I’m sure life is no different for you. Saying good-bye to 2020 hasn’t changed much. No matter what you hope and dream of doing in 2021 it will probably still be dashed by the coronavirus pandemic…. 

Happy New Year! May 2021 bring prosperity and good health to us all

Happy New Year! May 2021 bring prosperity and good health to us all

It’s been a wild year 2020! May the new year 2021 bring new life and peace for us all. Many thanks to all who supported Nikela this year. You made it possible to help people saving wildlife. Especially during this tough year it has been so important. Not only the financial support, but just being there to offer encouragement has been much needed. A more detailed report of how we helped thanks to you will come next week. But for now here are a few links to some of the Wildlife Heroes you helped out this past year. Moses in… 

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