You decide what is wildlife conservation – life or death?

Art, hunting, an injured humming bird and what is wildlife conservation really thanks to Fauna Tomlinson.

You decide what is wildlife conservation - life or death?

I caught Fauna’s post on Facebook. I had to share the whole story. A conversation about a piece of fine art, shifting to hunting, what is wildlife conservation and the unexpected rescue of a little humming bird.

You decide what is wildlife conservation – life or death?

In Fauna’s own words..

Here we are sitting on the hill in Rancho Santana Nicaragua.
Mark had opened his home to show us some exquisite Nicaraguan fine art.
The conversation moved from fine art to a lion, and then a bear rug.
In the group was a hunter. Of course he quickly said, “Hunters are wildlife conservationists.”

Naturally I disagreed.

How can killing be conserving life?

“If you really want to conserve you would spend the money in the local area, or donate the money to conservation, and most importantly, let the lion live for others to enjoy.”

It was during this conversation that a little humming bird miscalculated and hit the far window. I was sitting in the back and had to run and step over everyone – I think some thought I was rude until they discovered I was saving the little bird. No one else noticed the sound of him hitting the window.

humming bird

I found the little guy stunned, laying sideways on the hot tiles. I picked him up and cupped him in my hand. I looked around for a small box and paper towels to make a safe nest until he recovered.

Did you know birds can’t lay on their side for too long? They need to stay upright. Also, don’t use a towel, their small feet can get tangled in the threads.

After about 30 minutes of dark, quiet rest he recovered. Not all do.
I opened the box and he fluttered to a nearby branch, seemed to take a deep breathe and flew off.
Lucky bird! Conservation is saving animals not killing them.

As the fine art event came to a close a few of the guests came up to me astonished that I knew what to do.

We talked. Now a few more people know how to listen for and save an inured humming bird.

You decide what is wildlife conservation – life or death? Hunting to kill or rescuing to give life?

It’s a no-brainer isn’t it?

Thanks Fauna for sharing this experience with us.

Do you have a unique story about wildlife conservation? Drop us a line.

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