Why For-Profit Companies chose the Rhino as their Icon

At least 21 businesses use the rhino in their name, others use it as an icon or mascot. Do they understand that it is highly endangered due to poaching?

Rhino! How many times a day do you see the rhino representing a business? Why did they chose the rhino as their icon and what might it mean to their business if the rhino is driven to extinction by poachers?

In our enquiry we found 21 businesses who use the rhino in their name. We invited each of them to share with us why they chose the rhino to represent their business. Being optimistic I expected a grand response with all kinds of accolades for and connections to the rhino.

After all, why would a business owner chose the rhino to represent his/her business? We at NIKELA chose the giraffe as our icon because it is so unique in its appearance, with its long neck and equally long legs. The giraffe stands heads above the rest of Africa’s wildlife yet is non aggressive, and is not a predator. All these are characteristics of NIKELA. Unique in the nonprofit world as we are totally volunteer ran, a bit gangly because we aren’t experts only wildlife lovers trying to help, yet with the objective of standing taller than most due to our values, principles as we help people saving wildlife.

Now I had no intention of rambling on about NIKELA, but it’s what I’d anticipated hearing from these business owners who use the rhino in their name and its image as their icon.

Of the 21, five responded and three actually shared with why the rhino represents their business:

Alex with the Raytones writes:

Ray the Rhino is the “Ray” in The Raytones! We love the rhino as our representation because it is powerful, and yet has a gentleness, especially in its eyes. It has immense strength and loves its babies. It’s huge and bulky yet has grace and a kind of tenderness. It’s durable and yet so fragile. The rhino is cool.

Todd with Reputation Rhino says:

Reputation Rhino is a leading online reputation management company in New York City. We selected the rhino as a symbol of our commitment to helping our clients “take charge” of their reputation online. The rhino is tough, resilient and powerful. The rhino has a “thick skin” essential for withstanding attacks of predators and enemies alike, a critical trait in today’s digital world where a single negative blog post or news article can live forever online. Leveraging the latest online public relations strategies we are able to enable our clients to stay one step ahead. It’s a jungle out there!

Kyle with Rhino Lacrosse told us:

Rhino Lacrosse was founded in 2005 in Portland, Oregon, by professional lacrosse player and instructor Ryan Powell. Rhino was the Ryan Powell’s nickname and thus became the name of the company. Determination. Discipline. Hard work. Confidence. Anticipation. Teamwork. Execution. This is what we bring to the field every day. This is what it takes to be the best.

Late addition after publishing

Scott from Rhino-Mat sent us this today:

At CWD, Inc, our “Rhino-Mat” mat cleaning system utilizes the Rhinoceros as our logo and brand name. We have chosen the Rhinoceros to represent our product, due to the Rhinoceros’ distinct features, including its rough and tough exterior, power and characteristics. Our “Rhino-Mat” is one of its own kind, distinguishing unique features, including power and a tough, built to last product. We take pride in our Rhino-Mat, and that it is a rare and unique equipment, just as the Rhinoceros is a rare creature of its own.

Some of these companies have already stepped forward and made donations to help protect the Rhino, thank you.

We hope to encourage the others to do so also, either via NIKELA’s Save the Last Rhino or Stop the Rhino Poacher projects or the rhino organization of their choosing.

It just makes sense for these “rhino businesses” to protect their name sake, their icon, and their hero which is so desperately in need of their assistance for its survival. After all, what might their customers say if the rhino ceases to exist? Hopefully we’ll never have to tell that story.

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2 Responses to Why For-Profit Companies chose the Rhino as their Icon

  1. David Cieslinski April 4, 2013 at 6:36 pm #

    The Rochester “Raging ” Rhinos are starting their 18th season of professional soccer in Rochester, NY. We participate in the United Soccer Leagues Professional Division and have won four championships, 1998, 2000, 2001 & the 1999 US Open Cup. We would love to have you visit us for a game at Sahlen’s Stadium and say hi to our mascot Rex the Rhino. Our organization has modeled itself after the best attributes of a Rhino – determination, discipline, hard work, teamwork and execution. We were named “Organization of the Year in USL PRO in 2012.

    • Wildlife Margrit April 5, 2013 at 7:58 am #

      David thanks for adding your soccer team’s contribution.

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