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A Reformed Poacher Saves an Endangered Pangolin in Uganda


A happy ending for this endangered pangolin shows that education and awareness programs do pay off. “They have a pangolin. Come right away!” Moses doesn’t waste anytime finding transportation over to the remote border crossing near his home. A border crossing between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. One of his reformed poachers […]

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3 Things People In The USA Can Do To Stop Wildlife Trafficking

elephant Kruger 950x

Three practical things we learned from a group of Fifth Grade students that will help stop wildlife trafficking of endangered animals and birds in Africa. “I had no idea!” “You’ve got to be kidding!” Recently we met with a group of Fifth Grade students and their teachers.  Wildlife Poaching was one of the topics they […]

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Two Rhino Stories: Courage and Hope vs Greed and Disaster

black rhino 2 Andrew Cairncross 645x150

Life in African Wildlife Conservation is like a roller coaster ride of highs and lows as illustrated by these two rhino stories. One of the advantageous of the internet, especially Facebook, is the ease at which we can share information with a wide and diverse audience. As we at Nikela are about sharing stories about […]

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Rhinos of Africa Battle for Life

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White rhino and black rhino are being indiscriminately killed for their horn by poachers linked to global crime syndicates fueling terrorist groups.   “Rhino poaching and illegal horn trade are at their highest levels in twenty years, threatening to reverse years of conservation efforts, particularly in Africa. There is no doubt that the rhino species are […]

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Leaders From Around the World Unite to End Poaching

Leaders From Around the World Unite to End Poaching

The poaching of protected animals continues to be an alarmingly real threat to species survival. 2013 set annual record highs for rhino poaching deaths. Statistics show that one rhino is killed every 11 hours.   Why do poachers kill protected species under the threat of fines or imprisonment? The answer is simple. Profit. The market […]

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Rhino News: Poachers caught, illegal trade network, UN Resolution

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Wildlife trafficking, poachers get caught, anti-poaching rangers, police doing their job. Journey of rhino horn from Africa to Asia, German makes UN demand. Caught! Post by Spots International. Crime Network! The criminals involved, the methods and the madness is captured in this infographic. One thing we caught that did get omitted is a reason against legalizing the […]

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Wildlife Crime: Some Serious Players Getting in the Game

Prince William Kate Chelsea Hillary Clinton 645x

Prince William and Former U.S. Secretary Clinton step up their support to end wildlife trafficking and stop the poaching of rhino and elephants in Africa. In celebration of World Rhino Day 2013 NIKELA Volunteer, Wendy Sotos writes… “Everyone contributes to the continued demand for illegal animal goods,” former U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said. “Wildlife […]

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