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An interview with the man who reforms elephant poachers in Uganda

UGA Margrit Moses office 645x200

Overlanding is awesome! We meet dedicated and passionate people like Moses, the man who reforms elephant poachers. Moses hiked us all over the place in his small village in Uganda. After meeting reformed poachers and farmers saving rainforest I was blown away. Moses, a former wildlife ranger, has accomplished so much. However, I realized we […]

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Is this how wildlife conservation should be?

DSC02756 KEN Iten Raphael Russ sketch

If the world had more people like Raphael we wouldn’t have to worry about wildlife conservation. “Let’s pack up,” I tell Russ that morning. Russ wanted to leave our table and chairs under the tree to save our campsite while we took off for church. However, I had this inkling that we may not come […]

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What’s happening to the wildlife in progressive Rwanda?

DSC03626 RWA Nyungwe NP mountain monkey-645x200

As Margrit and Russ travel Africa they discover what’s happening to wildlife in progressive Rwanda. Mere meters before you get to the Rwandan border from Tanzania there is this strange crossover. Suddenly without warning you’re driving on the right side of the road. This is but the first of many surprising changes we find upon […]

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You decide what is wildlife conservation – life or death?

lion landing page 645x200

Art, hunting, an injured humming bird and what is wildlife conservation really thanks to Fauna Tomlinson. I caught Fauna’s post on Facebook. I had to share the whole story. A conversation about a piece of fine art, shifting to hunting, what is wildlife conservation and the unexpected rescue of a little humming bird. You decide […]

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A few insights into the wildlife poaching status in Tanzania


These are strictly my observations during our visit regarding the wildlife poaching status in Tanzania. Wildlife by the thousands, no millions! But with the losses across the continent what is the wildlife poaching status in Tanzania? Tanzania’s 16 national parks comprise a total area of more than 42,000 km2. About 38% of the country is […]

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Zero Wildlife to Thriving Big 5 Game Reserve – Impossible?


What a great idea! Revitalize and restock old African National Parks often poached to extinction. The challenges are insurmountable but “African Parks” creats Big 5 Game Reserve throughout Africa. Gain the Political Will of Governments. Helping them remember how these parks are their heritage, the beauty of nature, the wonder of wildlife, a boost to their […]

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Meet one of wildlife conservation’s rising stars


During our travels we meet some amazing people. Some, like Belinda may be wildlife conservation’s rising stars, bringing the passion needed to save the wild birds and animals of Africa. She has this light in her eyes and a ready humble smile. With grace and confidence she calls the owl to her. Her favorite bird […]

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