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Looking Back at 2014 Ahead at 2015

BOTS Gab Sam Landy sunset 1 645x150

Donations, projects, volunteers helping people saving wildlife looking back at 2014 ahead at 2015. 2014 a Very Different Year With ever the goal of helping people saving wildlife, 2014 was no different… yet very different than the four before. Russ and I (Margrit) finally had to admit that saving the world by raising millions was […]

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Nikela News: Rhino, T-shirts, Interns, Hunters and More

Nikela News

With all the challenges the rhino poaching, trophy hunting and human-wildlife conflicts bring there is much good that is happening too. Drones We had a bit of a scare regarding the banning of drones (UAVs) recently. After a brief exchange with Peter Milton he assured us that the Air Rangers are meeting regulatory standards. It […]

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Wildlife Learning: Teaching without Speaking

Kids Russ 645xx150

Russ has an unexpected wildlife teaching moment in a tiny rural school in the Underberg, South Africa.   Margrit makes a terrific find.  Amongst the plethora of activities, hikes, and excursions on the board, there next to the fireplace is a notice for volunteering at the local Primary School. She is so excited for me […]

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Our Happy Thanksgiving Gift for You

anton rhino drawing 645x150

Volunteers and in-kind contributions are so appreciated, thank you Anton for this beautiful rhino artwork. This is Anton at work… Like many of you Anton likes to find ways to help via his talent. Thank you so much for giving us this amazing white rhino drawing. Which we in turn would like to share with […]

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Wildlife Crime: Some Serious Players Getting in the Game

Prince William Kate Chelsea Hillary Clinton 645x

Prince William and Former U.S. Secretary Clinton step up their support to end wildlife trafficking and stop the poaching of rhino and elephants in Africa. In celebration of World Rhino Day 2013 NIKELA Volunteer, Wendy Sotos writes… “Everyone contributes to the continued demand for illegal animal goods,” former U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said. “Wildlife […]

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World Rhino Day: How Ordinary People Made a Difference

World Rhino Day ordinary people 645x

As a volunteer run organization we at Nikela appreciate and believe even the simplest things make a difference in our global quest to save the last rhino in Africa. The black and white rhino are in serious trouble and at risk of extinction in the next ten plus years due to relentless organized poaching driven […]

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Wonderful People Wednesday – Warren loves filming wildlife

Wonderful People Wednesday

Warren Freimond, Jessica Immelman and Alex Rodel (with footage by South African filmmaker Ryan Sean Davy) produce “The Rhino’s Song” to be released on World Rhino Day September 22, 2012. Jess got it all started: “I’m in South Africa for the summer and we want to produce a rhino video for Nikela, is that okay?” What […]

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Nikela News: Leopards, Rhinos, Volunteers and the Bearded Lady

Nikela News

Protecting endangered species, rhino, primates, bearded vulture via volunteers and folks like Peter, Karin, and Shannon. Money and Wildlife Don’t Mix You ever stepped back to look at what’s really happening to our world and our wildlife? Well, it seems that money is at the heart of the destruction of our habitat and directly related […]

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Nikela Volunteers: Thanks to the Old – Invitation to the New

Nikela Volunteers Elephant holidays

Many thanks to this year’s volunteers – No money this holiday season? – Make a difference by giving some time to help protect wildlife. First a Huge Holiday Thank You! VOLUNTEERS: Since April of this year (2011) volunteers like Brandi, Megaen, Niki, Dani, Corryn and Niklas offered to help. They’ve provided graphics, written web copy […]

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