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Wonderful Volunteer Wednesday – Joyce Chen

wonderful People Wednesday 645x

Gaining experience, building a resume, desire to do good or service hours, at least or other of these motivates a wonderful volunteer like Joyce. “I would be incredibly excited to volunteer”  Joyce stepped forward and offered to volunteer earlier this year. Since then she has created the bulk of the infographics in our library. She […]

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Wonderful Volunteer Wednesday – Kalli Doubleday

Wonderful People Wednesday

From time to time we highlight volunteers who join us to help people saving wildlife, Wonderful Volunteer Wednesday. “How can I help?” Like so many, Kalli stepped forward and offered her skills. Unlike many, Kalli continues to help as her busy schedule allows. Q: Where do you live? A: Austin, TX Q: How did you […]

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What Does The Ideal Non-Profit Volunteer Look Like?

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We love ’em! At Nikela the ideal non-profit volunteer has little to do with age or even experience. “I would love to help. What can I do?” In the past five years over 300 people have asked this question one way or another. Of those about a third take the next step, of those about […]

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Out and About with Silke

Vervet monkeys

We take you out and about with premier primate rehabber Silke at Bambelela. This week The first task the team took on this week was the ‘greener transitory cage’ project, which involved purchasing and rolling out grass into the monkeys’ enclosures. This provided not only enrichment for the monkeys, but also a source of food, […]

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Rhinos of Africa Battle for Life

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White rhino and black rhino are being indiscriminately killed for their horn by poachers linked to global crime syndicates fueling terrorist groups.   “Rhino poaching and illegal horn trade are at their highest levels in twenty years, threatening to reverse years of conservation efforts, particularly in Africa. There is no doubt that the rhino species are […]

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Why I Want to Save Wildlife – Danielle Jackson

Endangered Black Rhino - Andrew Cairncross

No matter where in the world you live you can do something to help save endangered species in Africa.  “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem” -Charles Rosner     Volunteers find us in so many different ways. Danielle read about us on Volunteer Match and offered her writing expertise to help us […]

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Fast Forward Fifty Years: What’s Happened to the Rhino?

rhino dinosaur 645x

Award winning writer, Kirsten Everett, imagines herself a grandmother, her grandson is asking tough questions about the now extinct rhino. Kirsten has become a regular blog story writer for us. You may have read “Poacher Attack: Through the Eyes of a Rhino Calf” and “A South African Student Pleads to Save Her Country’s Rhino“. The former […]

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