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Have we already forgotten Cecil the Lion?

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Eighteen months ago Cecil the Lion was lured and mercilessly killed by a trophy hunter and its about to happen again in Namibia. “Is this what desert lions are worth in Namibia?” Izak Smit who helps saves desert lions is totally mortified. Recently a Namibian trophy hunting oufit advertised the shooting of a gorgeous black […]

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How Money ‘Saves’ and ‘Kills’ Endangered Wildlife

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Is wildlife at the mercy of political will and people who care or is it simply money that both saves and kills endangered wildlife? “If the problem goes away so does the money!” I’d not looked at it that way before. However, this was  the opinion of a wildlife biologist we recently had the privilege […]

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Is Trophy Hunting a Dying Sport?

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With all the attention trophy hunting has been getting of late is it rapidly becoming a dying sport? Trophy hunting at it’s finest! She’s got him in lined up in the cross-hairs. He’s a gorgeous specimen and will look grand on her office wall. She pulls the trigger. He lurches forward. The herd panics and […]

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Lest We Forget Cecil the Lion

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The trophy hunt that ended the life of Cecil the Lion must not be forgotten, he must not have died in vain. “What can I do to help?”  Sam like many others wanted to do something… anything to make even a small difference. We found that everyday people really do care, really do have a […]

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Why are Humans the African Lion’s Worst Enemy?

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One more human discovers how we are driving the African Lion, the iconic King of the Jungle, to extinction. Spotlight on Species – the African Lion One of our volunteers is shocked when she learns the truth about the status of the African Lion…  As you may already know… African wildlife is in jeopardy of […]

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