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PODCAST Five Things We Can Learn From Small Wildlife Conservationists

NAM Etosha Pan 3 elephants drinking 645x200

It’s with the small wildlife conservationists where their and maybe our future lies The initial intention of  this story was to highlight the common struggles of small wildlife conservationists. As I wrote I realized the amazing strengths these have developed and what us ordinary folk stand to learn from this dedicated group of people. (Watch […]

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Help SPOTS Protect the Rhino

Peter 3 rhino SPOTS jeep 645X150

Follow Peter and his team as they try to protect the endangered Rhino _______________________________________________________________________________ SPOTS (Strategic Protection of Threatened Species) strives to conserve and protect all threatened species, however due to severely increased poaching of the Rhino, Peter and his team at SPOTS have focused their efforts to protect these beautiful creatures from extinction. The […]

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Betrayed! Rhino Sold to Save Haven – Trophy Hunting Farms?

1-poachers full moon rhino heroes villains 645x150

Kruger National Park no longer the jewel reserve of South Africa, rhino sold instead of protected from poachers. Peter Milton (founder of Strategic Protection of Threatened Species) Speaks Out… The news that a large number of Kruger Park rhinos are being moved to privately owned hunting farms has come as a major shock in conservation […]

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Meet Peter Milton: A Hero for the Rhino

Peter 3 rhino SPOTS jeep 645X150

Peter Milton, standing up for rhino against poachers in South Africa. Exclusive interview with founder of SPOTS.  With rhino poaching on the rise, these majestic creatures need all the support they can get. “Conservation is not a well-paid career, and many have fallen by the wayside due to financial constraints,” says Peter Milton, founder of Strategic Protection […]

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Rhino News: Poachers caught, illegal trade network, UN Resolution

rhino news 645x150

Wildlife trafficking, poachers get caught, anti-poaching rangers, police doing their job. Journey of rhino horn from Africa to Asia, German makes UN demand. Caught! Post by Spots International. Crime Network! The criminals involved, the methods and the madness is captured in this infographic. One thing we caught that did get omitted is a reason against legalizing the […]

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How UAVs (Air Rangers) effectively deter rhino poachers

SPOTS Air Ranger on patrol 645x150

Air Rangers, drones, unmanned aerial vehicles can stop poaching, if there are enough of them with the right hi-tech equipment, thermal imaging cameras. In times of war UAVs have been strategically used to gain an advantage over the enemy. Maybe the Air Ranger can do the same in our war to save the rhino from […]

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Help us buy an Air Ranger to Stop the Rhino Poachers

rhino drone andrew cairncross 645x150

Drones, UAVs or Air Rangers may be the solution to stop poachers of endangered rhino and other wildlife species. Not even a week into 2013 and rangers at Kruger National Park already found their first casualty of the New Year. Near the South African border with Mozambique, the rangers found the carcass of an endangered […]

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