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Fall In Love With Seven Of Our Wildlife Heroes – PODCAST VIDEO


 Each so different, yet each so the same in their passion for Africa. They are wildlife heroes everyone should get to know. Listen to the audio Watch the video below You ever hear about the efforts of the big wildlife conservation organizations? You ever wonder if your small donation really matters or makes a difference? […]

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Five Top Ways People Protect Wild Animals in Africa

BOT Chobe Park giraffe savanah scene 645x200

For 7 years, Margrit & Russ talked with the people on the ground in Africa and here is what they discovered. “Protect wild animals in Africa? No problem. Just have the Wildlife community get together and work things out!” That was my naïve solution as a retiring engineer from the U.S. Looking back it was […]

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Saving African Wildlife: Five wildlife conservation projects to watch in 2017

WAG thuma Forest elephant herd 645x200

Across Africa large and small wildlife conservation projects abound. Some highly effective ones are the smaller grassroots operations. The first quarter of 2017 is rushing on by. We’re fortunate to visit some incredible wildlife conservation projects during our travels in Africa. Since October 2016 we’ve been on the road, from South Africa, through Botswana, Zimbabwe, […]

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How your donations helped save African wildlife in 2016


Once again we’ve spent most of the year in Africa looking for people who save African wildlife. Thanks to your donations we’ve been able to help many more. 2016 turned out to be a banner year! Many thanks to folks like you who donated to save African wildlife. I’m sitting at the base of Mount […]

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Another two vervet monkey troops ready for freedom


Two vervet monkey troops sponsored by Nikela ready for release thanks to the team at Bambelela. Monty was in bad shape. Losing hair and getting mighty thin. Silke took him out of the Dingaan’s troop enclosure. Over the next weeks things didn’t look good for him. However, with the typical care every monkey at Bambelela […]

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The Adventure Begins Again – Helping People Saving Wildlife

Landy Nkwe camp 645x200

Nikela is on a mission of helping people saving wildlife in Africa. “Your flight is cancelled!” Said the attendant as we stepped up to the check in counter. Not something you want to hear when this is the only daily flight from the Washington DC Dulles airport to Johannesburg South Africa. After 22 hours, of […]

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Double Your Gift Give Vervets a Second Chance

LIM BAMBELELA vervet tree 1 long 645X150

Double your $7 gift in the next 12 days and give Vervets a second chance at being wild. “I want to be a monkey!” When his sisters opted for Rainbow Bright and Smurfette, it wasn’t He Man or the Big Hulk but a monkey he chose for their hours of pretend play. Ever since I […]

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