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A few insights into the wildlife poaching status in Tanzania


These are strictly my observations during our visit regarding the wildlife poaching status in Tanzania. Wildlife by the thousands, no millions! But with the losses across the continent what is the wildlife poaching status in Tanzania? Tanzania’s 16 national parks comprise a total area of more than 42,000 km2. About 38% of the country is […]

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Moving Rhino: Personal stories of Relocating Rhinos for Conservation


The eBook ” Moving Rhino ” features Mike Behr’s stories of relocating Rhino’s in the 70’s, bringing a personal element to the many attempts at Rhino conservation. Rhinos are one of the most beloved yet endangered animals in the world. Once widespread throughout Asian and African continents, rhinos are now an extremely rare sight except in national parks and […]

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True Story: Wildlife Rangers Tracking Rhino Poachers

SPOTS Peter rhino and calf 645x200

A story from the ebook by Peter Milton, “Wildlife Ranger: A Journey of Courage and Conviction” about his life in the bush fighting poachers and saving rhino and elephants. From the eBook, “Wildlife Ranger:…” The static crackle of the radio woke me from a shallow sleep. “Sierra Charlie come in…” I heard them bantering back […]

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Why Rhinos are critical to African ecosystems

A White Rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum) female with a young calf.

Rhinos are an “umbrella” species,  protecting them is crucial not only for local vegetation, but also critical for the survival of other species. General Facts In general, rhinos are herbivores, but there are two types of rhinos in Africa: white and black. One might expect the adjectives of white and black to refer to the color […]

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One Reason the Rhino Horn Trade Should not be Legalized

White Rhino 645x200

The debate between the pro and anti has raged, however, this reason why the rhino horn trade should not be legalized is quite unusual. This morning a friend shared a disturbing experience with me. The Chase She’d been invited to come along. She was of course thrilled, however that soon changed. The vehicles lurched over […]

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