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Botswana Budget Cuts Imperil Rhino Anti Poaching

DSC05620 KRS rhino cow calf

Long known for its topnotch success in protecting its rhino population Botswana’s budget cuts may change all that. Botswana’s world acclaimed anti-poaching success story is being threatened by budget cuts that have forced the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP) to curtail patrols of the crack Rhino Squad. The cuts have also created a […]

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How your donations helped save African wildlife in 2016


Once again we’ve spent most of the year in Africa looking for people who save African wildlife. Thanks to your donations we’ve been able to help many more. 2016 turned out to be a banner year! Many thanks to folks like you who donated to save African wildlife. I’m sitting at the base of Mount […]

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Wildlife Conservation: Want Change Teach Children

Toy Rhino Keep Safe horn 645x150

Several months back four year old Lori was asked to take care of her grandmother’s rhino while she was away. Wildlife conservation. Children care unless taught otherwise! Years ago I worked in a therapeutic foster care program. My role was to provide therapy for kids and teens in their foster homes as well as counsel […]

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Why Poachers Kill Dehorned Rhino


Although dehorned rhino may escape a poacher attack, why some don’t, came as a real surprise. While sitting round the campfire in the Waterburg, John, a former law enforcement officer with Nature Conservation, enthralled us with stories. One in particular stands out. Why poachers kill dehorned rhino For the most part dehorning a rhino can […]

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Dogs take a bite of out of crime – rhino poaching


With rhino poaching still a huge threat to the specie’s survival trained dogs are proving themselves in the rhino wars. Sophie, Dozer and Killer. While they may not be household names, these soldiers (and countless others) are currently serving on the front lines in the rhino wars across Africa. Move Over Oxpecker Sophie, Dozer and […]

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True Story: Wildlife Rangers Tracking Rhino Poachers

SPOTS Peter rhino and calf 645x200

A story from the ebook by Peter Milton, “Wildlife Ranger: A Journey of Courage and Conviction” about his life in the bush fighting poachers and saving rhino and elephants. From the eBook, “Wildlife Ranger:…” The static crackle of the radio woke me from a shallow sleep. “Sierra Charlie come in…” I heard them bantering back […]

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Why Rhinos are critical to African ecosystems

A White Rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum) female with a young calf.

Rhinos are an “umbrella” species,  protecting them is crucial not only for local vegetation, but also critical for the survival of other species. General Facts In general, rhinos are herbivores, but there are two types of rhinos in Africa: white and black. One might expect the adjectives of white and black to refer to the color […]

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