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Wildlife Conservation: Want Change Teach Children

Toy Rhino Keep Safe horn 645x150

Several months back four year old Lori was asked to take care of her grandmother’s rhino while she was away. Wildlife conservation. Children care unless taught otherwise! Years ago I worked in a therapeutic foster care program. My role was to provide therapy for kids and teens in their foster homes as well as counsel […]

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Wildlife Veterinarians aka Medics in the Rhino Wars

two white rhino

Without a doubt wildlife veterinarians are the rhinos’ heroes right along with the anti-poaching rangers. What follows is a meager attempt at understanding what wildlife veterinarians engaged in the rhino wars experience. It was back in early 2012 when I read a daily log by Dr. William Fowlds on Facebook.  He was treating a rhino […]

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Two Rhino Stories: Courage and Hope vs Greed and Disaster

black rhino 2 Andrew Cairncross 645x150

Life in African Wildlife Conservation is like a roller coaster ride of highs and lows as illustrated by these two rhino stories. One of the advantageous of the internet, especially Facebook, is the ease at which we can share information with a wide and diverse audience. As we at Nikela are about sharing stories about […]

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Campaign to Stop the Demand for Rhino Horn

Mother-and-Child Breaking the Brand 645x150

After a 12 month study to understand the Asian psyche Breaking the Brand launches their first advertising campaign to stop the demand for rhino horn. To stop the demand for rhino horn is a huge task. First we must gain some understanding of the Asian culture, the consumer, and what motivates them to buy. Not […]

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Getting in the Way of INTEL: When Those Who Think They Help, Don’t

poaching magnifying glass poacher 645x150

Catching the wildlife traffickers and illegal traders to save endangered species, especially the rhino, requires skill, finesse, technology and most of all intelligence. Over the last few days we’ve been getting some eye opening information from one of our sources in the INTELLIGENCE world. Some is for sharing and some not. Have you ever stopped […]

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Nikela News: Rhinos, Lions, Poachers and a Remarkable Vet

Nikela News

Wildlife trafficking, rhino poaching, heroes, poachers, SA government, LA and New York. What do they all have in common? To bring you the latest news, stories and videos here are two brief clips discussing two broad topics: “What’s Happening to Africa’s Rhino?” and “Wildlife Trafficking: Who Does it? Who Allows it?” This covers the latest […]

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Is South Africa For Sale?

South Africa For Sale 645x150

Rhino poaching runs rampant, about 150 dead rhino this year. SANParks and the South African government fail to stop wildlife trafficking, illegal trade of endangered rhino.     The Parliamentary Rhino Hearings. SANParks pulls out when about 50% of the rhino’s poached are occurring in South Africa’s premier game reserve, the famous Kruger National Park. […]

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