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For all the lost orphaned rhino calves – a tribute to Vusi

baby rhino Ayesha Cantor 645x200

Each day another dead rhino is added to the poaching statistic, but not the lost orphaned rhino calves, Vusi was lost but not forgotten by Lorinda Hern. Lorinda Hern and I have been friends for some time now. We first connected back in 2012 when she boldly spoke out about the heartbreaking death of Spencer […]

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Two Rhino Stories: Courage and Hope vs Greed and Disaster

black rhino 2 Andrew Cairncross 645x150

Life in African Wildlife Conservation is like a roller coaster ride of highs and lows as illustrated by these two rhino stories. One of the advantageous of the internet, especially Facebook, is the ease at which we can share information with a wide and diverse audience. As we at Nikela are about sharing stories about […]

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RHINO FRIDAY – Wacky Hats to Fund Baby Rhino Ambulance

rhino friday

Join the fun and help OSCAP outfit another baby rhino ambulance to rescue calves orphaned by poachers. Each week Ayesha Cantor shares stories and information regarding the Rhino Crisis. We find many of these of great value, this weeks invitation being one of them. What do Wacky Hats have to do with Rhino Calves? One […]

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Tourists Come Face to Face With Rhino Poaching in Kruger

little rhino Kruger - Liam 645x150

South Africa’s premier game reserve home to the Big Five, elephant, rhino, lion, leopard and buffalo is no safe haven from rhino poaching. Imagine you’re in the Kruger for the first (or even umpteenth time) driving through the bush feeling life’s cares slip away.  You are drinking in the beauty of the open skies, the serenity, and […]

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How to Save an Orphaned Rhino Calf

Karen Trendler Margrit Harris 645x150

A conversation with renowned rhino calf response and rehab expert Karen Trendler. Rhino Rescuer Extraordinaire She is everything and more I thought she would be! Spending some time with Karen Trendler is a remarkable experience. Despite the horrors she witnesses and the rage that she must at times feel she is composed, gentle and focused. […]

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Fast Forward Fifty Years: What’s Happened to the Rhino?

rhino dinosaur 645x

Award winning writer, Kirsten Everett, imagines herself a grandmother, her grandson is asking tough questions about the now extinct rhino. Kirsten has become a regular blog story writer for us. You may have read “Poacher Attack: Through the Eyes of a Rhino Calf” and “A South African Student Pleads to Save Her Country’s Rhino“. The former […]

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A Look at One Anti-Poaching Strategy that is Working

1-Rhino and calf - Air Ranger - UAV - Peter Milton 645x150

Rhino, elephants and other endangered species threatened by wildlife crime and trafficking have a quiet hero, Peter Milton.   “It’s a cry you’ll never forget!” Although Peter Milton, wildlife ranger and protection strategist, faces tragic rhino poaching scenes all to regularly, he tells us that coming upon an orphaned calf bellowing for its dead mother […]

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Recent Rhino Rescue & Response Training Well Attended

Blog 2 Little Rhino 645x150

Karen Trendler recently (with the Endangered Wildlife Trust) conducted a rescue & response workshop for orphaned and injured rhino at the Johannesburg zoo. Karen Trendler who found her life’s mission in rescuing both orphaned young and injured adult rhinos recently (in conjunction with the Endangered Wildlife Trust) conducted a rescue & response workshop at the […]

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Celebrate the Rhino: Part 4 of 4

World Rhino Day 645x150

“There’s a Rhino in My House!”, wildlife documentary, World Rhino Day September 22, celebrate rhino in Africa, stop poaching animals, endangered rhino, black rhino. In this final episode Tetenda finds love and freedom. We continue to celebrate the rhino during the month of September with Part Three of the true story about Judy Travers and […]

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