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What you need to know about The Colobus Monkey


Quick facts about the status of the Colobus monkey,  another unique primate species in Africa that is under threat from habitat loss By Ryan E. Poplin [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons The Beautiful Colobus Monkey species are found in Kenya, East Africa, and other coastal forest regions in Africa. The rare Red Colobus can […]

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Why Africa’s Primates are in Jeopardy


This month in our spotlight on species we take a look at primates, once abundant across most of Africa, now among the most endangered of species. Primates like baboons, monkeys, and gorillas and thousands of other exotic species, once had a thriving and abundant home in Africa, the second largest continent, one full of savannahs and large […]

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Nikela News: Rhino, T-shirts, Interns, Hunters and More

Nikela News

With all the challenges the rhino poaching, trophy hunting and human-wildlife conflicts bring there is much good that is happening too. Drones We had a bit of a scare regarding the banning of drones (UAVs) recently. After a brief exchange with Peter Milton he assured us that the Air Rangers are meeting regulatory standards. It […]

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One Woman Who Makes a Difference for Primates in South Africa

Silke Bambelela enclosure vervets

Vervet monkeys and baboons are wildlife species at risk. Silke von Eynern and Bambelela step in.   Primates are our most closely related species, so why are they being considered vermin and being killed? In fact, Primates are the most threatened species on the planet. One inspirational woman took a stand against the killing and […]

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Nikela News: Leopards, Rhinos, Volunteers and the Bearded Lady

Nikela News

Protecting endangered species, rhino, primates, bearded vulture via volunteers and folks like Peter, Karin, and Shannon. Money and Wildlife Don’t Mix You ever stepped back to look at what’s really happening to our world and our wildlife? Well, it seems that money is at the heart of the destruction of our habitat and directly related […]

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Karin Saves Primates despite Huge Opposition Reports Nikela Volunteer

Karin Saks - Baboon - Maggie Nikela Volunteer visit

Primates, vervet monkeys, baboons are shot, poisoned and snared by farmers and locals in South Africa, Karin Saks rescues, rehabilitates and advocates for their survival. Maggie Sergio, former Director of Advocacy and Wildlife Solutions for WildCare in San Rafael, CA spent three years focused on solving human-wildlife conflicts, and educating the public about how to […]

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Why We Should Care About Saving Monkeys


In the old and new world primates contribute to crucial biodiversity. Vervet monkeys, baboons and apes from Africa to South America on to Asia. Does it matter if we lose a monkey species here or an ape sub species there? It sure does. As Nikela Volunteer Maggie Sergio is personally delivering a donation check to […]

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