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Is political corruption at the heart of Africa’s ever growing problems?

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People disappear, get killed for speaking out against political corruption in Africa and nothing changes. Where will it end? Corruption, apathy and cruelty at every turn. One of benefits of being Overlanders is meeting interesting people along the way. Tony is in the agricultural business in Zimbawe. Naturally conversations invariably turn to wildlife conservation. Not […]

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How one man is saving wildlife by reforming poachers in Uganda

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We’d heard that its possible, reforming poachers and giving them viable alternatives, however, I was dubious until I met Moses and his group. “As you drive to Buhoma Gate we are on the way in Rugando village.” Well, Rugando isn’t on our GPS or map. So we drive to our camp outside Bwindi Impenetrable National […]

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2 Essentials to Saving African Elephants in Malawi

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It takes a special breed of people for saving African elephants in Malawi right now and they must have these two essentials. “Sorry I’m late!” She says walking in all smiles. A large scarf covers her right shoulder. Only three weeks earlier Lynn Clifford, Field Manger for the Wildlife Action Group project in Malawi, was […]

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How the African Elephant is important to its Ecosystem

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Frequently we look at iconic species in isolation not thinking how the African Elephant is important to its ecosystem. One might ponder: How the African elephant is important to its ecosystem. Or even ask: Are African elephants essential to humans? The African Elephant’s Status The African elephant’s current conservation status is vulnerable. The key concerns […]

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Why is the African Elephant’s survival in jeopardy?

Why is the African Elephant’s survival in jeopardy?

The illegal ivory trade is not the only reason the iconic African Elephant populations are declining at alarming rates. Spotlight on Species 2015/2016. For an entire year we are focusing on some of Africa’s most beautiful and unique species for a month. (Scroll down for infographic) July 2015 – The African Elephant The African elephant […]

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Help SPOTS Protect the Rhino

Peter 3 rhino SPOTS jeep 645X150

Follow Peter and his team as they try to protect the endangered Rhino _______________________________________________________________________________ SPOTS (Strategic Protection of Threatened Species) strives to conserve and protect all threatened species, however due to severely increased poaching of the Rhino, Peter and his team at SPOTS have focused their efforts to protect these beautiful creatures from extinction. The […]

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