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Five Top Ways People Protect Wild Animals in Africa

BOT Chobe Park giraffe savanah scene 645x200

For 7 years, Margrit & Russ talked with the people on the ground in Africa and here is what they discovered. “Protect wild animals in Africa? No problem. Just have the Wildlife community get together and work things out!” That was my naïve solution as a retiring engineer from the U.S. Looking back it was […]

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True Story: Wildlife Rangers Tracking Rhino Poachers

SPOTS Peter rhino and calf 645x200

A story from the ebook by Peter Milton, “Wildlife Ranger: A Journey of Courage and Conviction” about his life in the bush fighting poachers and saving rhino and elephants. From the eBook, “Wildlife Ranger:…” The static crackle of the radio woke me from a shallow sleep. “Sierra Charlie come in…” I heard them bantering back […]

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Help SPOTS Protect the Rhino

Peter 3 rhino SPOTS jeep 645X150

Follow Peter and his team as they try to protect the endangered Rhino _______________________________________________________________________________ SPOTS (Strategic Protection of Threatened Species) strives to conserve and protect all threatened species, however due to severely increased poaching of the Rhino, Peter and his team at SPOTS have focused their efforts to protect these beautiful creatures from extinction. The […]

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Betrayed! Rhino Sold to Save Haven – Trophy Hunting Farms?

1-poachers full moon rhino heroes villains 645x150

Kruger National Park no longer the jewel reserve of South Africa, rhino sold instead of protected from poachers. Peter Milton (founder of Strategic Protection of Threatened Species) Speaks Out… The news that a large number of Kruger Park rhinos are being moved to privately owned hunting farms has come as a major shock in conservation […]

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Drones to the Rescue of Elephants and Rhinos

SPOTS Air Ranger on patrol 645x150

Drones or UAVs to the wildlife rescue with the help of a Chris Miser from Colorado.  A Colorado man is teaching African park rangers to fly drones to combat poachers. Chris Miser, the owner of Falcon Unmanned, has teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund in an effort to protect elephants and rhinoceros. “Thousands of […]

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Nikela Adjusts Focus After Africa Wildlife Tour 2014

Africa Wildlife Conservation Tour 2014 - logo 645x150

There’s no way spending 10 weeks in Africa with wildlife conservationists and activists doesn’t change your life! “As Karen (Trendler) and I talked a major unmet need became clearly apparent,” reported Sheila Bath Upton. During our Africa Wildlife Tour early in 2014 we met Karen, the leading rhino calf rescue and rehab expert in South […]

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