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You Matter! Let Freedom Ring for All Living Beings

let freedom ring 645x150

In the USA the Fourth of July is a celebration of FREEDOM. May we find ways to allow all living beings to live free in their own environment. Individuals Matter It was at a very small fort, Fort McHenry, where soldiers kept the American flag flying with their very lives during a pivotal battle of […]

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Rhino Poachers Take Advantage of Security Lapses

Photo compliments of Andrew Cairncross

Organized crime is poaching Africa’s rhino to extinction partly because law enforcement is neither trained nor organized.       From one of our trusted INTEL and anti-poaching sources we hear that “Experienced Security Operatives” support the belief that Kwazulu-Natal (KZN) Rhino poaching is on the rise due, inexperienced enforcement efforts ignoring the basics of […]

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World Rhino Day 2012 Backlash!

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It’s almost as if the poachers, that includes all involved along the wildlife trafficking and illegal trade routes, are snubbing those protecting the rhino! “Two dead rhino have been found in northern KwaZulu-Natal…” “Four rhinos were killed for their horns… in the Eastern Cape…” “Nine rhino carcasses have been found in northern KwaZulu-Natal…” At least […]

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Saving the Rhino Becoming a Whole New Game

Saving the Rhino Becoming a Whole New Game 645x150

Rhino horn, from Traditional Chinese Medicine to speculative investment endangered rhino now targeted by military, organized crime to fund terrorists. Back in 2010 when we first took an interest in curtailing rhino poaching it appeared to be a rather simple problem. Rhino horn powder is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Asian Rhino was about […]

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Ten Strategies to Save the Rhino: Which will REALLY work?

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Many strategies to stop rhino poaching: de-horning to anti-poaching rangers, fix the courts to rhino horn treatment, tackling wildlife trafficking to poverty. It’s been two years since we started Nikela (a US based public charity) as a vehicle to help those on the ground in Africa saving wildlife. In March (2011) we got involved in […]

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Who is Really Supporting the Rhino Efforts?


Black and White Rhino poaching happening at alarming rate in South Africa, number of organizations growing to “help” fight wildlife trafficking, organized crime and illegal trade, or are they? At the South African parliamentary hearings earlier this year (January 26, 2012) Andrew Muir with The Wilderness Foundation stated that out of the 150 organizations raising […]

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WAR Calls us to Arms for the Rhino

WAR [Warriors for African Rhino]

WAR, Warriors for African Rhino, initiates campaign to save the endangered rhino in South Africa, please sign the petition, get your SA embassy involved, send a letter and get President Zuma to lead the charge. This morning we received an urgent plea to arms from our friends at WAR [Warriors for African Rhino] to join the campaign […]

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