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Travel Africa: Cool Land Rover Gear You Can’t Live Without

kitting landy 645x200

Posts of kitting our Travel Africa overland vehicle started Our African Retirement Estate on Wheels,  then Land Rover TD5 Right Vehicle?  followed by 5 Essential Vehicle Modifications and now Cool Gear. Storing and Preparing Food Hooray, if you travel Africa you won’t have to forage or survive on crackers and tuna fish!  Depending on locality and […]

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VIDEOS: Wild Places in Africa you might never see like this

NAM Etosha Pan tree giraffe 645x200

Enjoy our Wild Places Playlist right here “Thanks, I’d never see these places otherwise.” Comments like this one from Susan keeps me pulling out the camera even when we are in a pickle. Like Russ did when the elephants trapped us at the waterhole in Majeti Game Reserve in Malawi. Or I did when we […]

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How Money ‘Saves’ and ‘Kills’ Endangered Wildlife

money lion rhino elephant ZAR 645x150

Is wildlife at the mercy of political will and people who care or is it simply money that both saves and kills endangered wildlife? “If the problem goes away so does the money!” I’d not looked at it that way before. However, this was  the opinion of a wildlife biologist we recently had the privilege […]

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Zero Wildlife to Thriving Big 5 Game Reserve – Impossible?


What a great idea! Revitalize and restock old African National Parks often poached to extinction. The challenges are insurmountable but “African Parks” creats Big 5 Game Reserve throughout Africa. Gain the Political Will of Governments. Helping them remember how these parks are their heritage, the beauty of nature, the wonder of wildlife, a boost to their […]

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A few impressions of Zimbabwe by two overlanders

President Mugabe's house

Each country is different. Each has it goods and its bads. Here are a few snippets of these overlanders’ experiences. Sun baked, waiting for the summer rain. A few trees have braved leafing out, the rest of the landscape remains multiple shades of winter brown. It’s the beginning of November 2016. The locals say, “it’s […]

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Funny and Curious Wild African Animal Videos

NAM Etosha Pan 3 elephants drinking 645x200

Enjoy our playlist of curious wild African Animal and Bird behaviors we see at waterholes, our camp and along our travels. Some of it is darn right funny. Some not so much, rather a bit sad. Either way wildlife is fascinating, unpredictable and terribly vulnerable. Our quest is to help people saving wildlife… Care to […]

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The Adventure Begins Again – Helping People Saving Wildlife

Landy Nkwe camp 645x200

Nikela is on a mission of helping people saving wildlife in Africa. “Your flight is cancelled!” Said the attendant as we stepped up to the check in counter. Not something you want to hear when this is the only daily flight from the Washington DC Dulles airport to Johannesburg South Africa. After 22 hours, of […]

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Underwater Monkeys & Nikela’s Future

Monkeys Gracie-645x200

Nikela’s future for saving wildlife is looking brighter with a Google Ad Grant and Community Boost.  But… underwater monkeys? Remember those half-awake dreams at three in the morning where you are churning to save the world or yourself from imminent doom? Each new solution becomes more hopeless. Well, last night’s Boerewors (South African sausage) spoke […]

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How We Are Sharing Our African Adventures


Keeping all these African Adventures to ourselves seems a bit selfish, don’t you think? Margrit, I, and Landy (our 2001 Land Rover) have such a good time roaming Africa and Helping People Saving Wildlife. Recently we found a way to share it all with you and as many others as possible through almost daily videos […]

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