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Happy Birthday Margrit and THANK YOU!!

NAM Desert Margrit pushing Landy 645x

Life with this Wildlife nut is amazing. Fierce Lions, orphaned Rhinos and Monkeys, scary Snakes, injured Raptors, majestic Elephants, and many other injured or Endanger Species; Margrit does her part to help them by Helping People Saving Wildlife.   After 40 years together you could say we know each other pretty well.  But Margrit surprises me daily […]

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Happy Birthday Nikela! Look What’s Happened!

giraffe happy birthday Nikela 645x150

Five years ago this month Margrit and Russ founded the nonprofit Nikela to help people saving African wildlife. Five Years It’s hard to believe that it has been five years! Six really since that visit to the African Bird of Prey Sanctuary… the one that sparked it all. Well actually it was the years previous […]

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Out and About with Silke

Vervet monkeys

We take you out and about with premier primate rehabber Silke at Bambelela. This week The first task the team took on this week was the ‘greener transitory cage’ project, which involved purchasing and rolling out grass into the monkeys’ enclosures. This provided not only enrichment for the monkeys, but also a source of food, […]

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Answers to Recent Questions

Answers to questions

Protect Primates, wildlife conservation organization, wildlife documentary, de-horning rhino,  Nikela, PB’nJ. Over the past months we’ve answered a variety of questions individually. Here are some that you may have asked: What does Nikela mean? Nikela is a Zulu word and means “give to”, an invitation to all to support those who protect African wildlife and […]

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Wonderful People Wednesday – Shawn Bueche

Wonderful People Wednesday

Wonderful People Wednesday presents Shawn Bueche, UT Student, PB’nJ Movement video, Save Wildlife and Spread the Word.  It has been several months now that I found this totally unexpected email in my inbox: “We’ve made a video for you…” That PB’nJ Movement video went on to create quite a buzz for both Nikela and the […]

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Meatless Monday Recipe: Tomatillo Soup

Meatless Monday Recipe

Meatless Monday, Tomatillo soup, new from Nikela A new tradition! Starting today each Monday the Nikela Blog will feature a meatless recipe for your eating enjoyment. Got a yummy one to share? Send it to us and we’ll include it here and give you or your organization full credit. Today’s recipe is compliments of my […]

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To: The Nikela Nation

Nikela News

My dear friends and fellow revolutionaries! You may have noticed we are going through some changes right now with our twitter account. Don’t be alarmed, we aren’t going to stop our efforts. In fact, we are becoming stronger with each day as you continue to support and sustain us in this fight for Wildlife Conservation. […]

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South African Rhinos in the News

Rhino News

Rhino poaching for their horn in South Africa, game reserves and parks need anti-poaching rangers to help endangered rhino. Rhino poaching in South Africa reached its peak in 2010, at 333 dead at game reserves and private farms across the country…far, the worst year for rhino poaching in South African history. – Kruger Park Blog […]

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Lucky Leopards: Funds, Traps, Collars & Cameras

Blog 2 Leopard Capture 645x150

Imagine two 300 pound leopards in the wilds of Africa needing radio tracking collars. How do you start…  “Here kitty kitty”? Africa’s Crocodile Dundee, Dairen Simpson, a world class wildlife capture specialist will use calls to track and catch these two wild cats for the ‘Leopard Research’ Project Nikela supports in South Africa.   However, before […]

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