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PODCAST Protecting Cheetahs in the Wild #NikelaAfrica

CCF Protecting Cheetahs in the Wilds - Job - Margrit 645x200

Common sense and studies say protecting cheetahs in the wild is the best conservation method for this species #podcast #NikelaAfrica “Hmm! Are they good guys?” This is a question I always ask before we visit and meet with folks doing wildlife conservation. Now you’d think everyone was on the same page! But not so. That’s […]

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PODCAST: Planning, Packing For Africa #NikelaAfrica

PODCAST feature image 645x200

Ride along with us as we meet dedicated wildlife conservationists, view amazing wildlife and have some crazy adventures along the way via our Podcasts. “You should look into podcasts,” said Ryan. “Many of us want to follow you, but the only time we have is in the gym or commuting to work.” So I looked […]

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Africa for 8 Months Departure Video #NikelaAfrica

VIDEO feature image

Oh the People we’ll meet. Oh the Wildlife we will see. #NikelaAfrica Russ and Margrit are off to Africa again helping people saving wildlife. Many thanks to Eric with Mount Carmel Films for producing this marvelous video. After five years of running Nikela we’ve learned that we’re not very good fundraisers, but we’re pretty darn […]

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Happy Birthday Margrit and THANK YOU!!

NAM Desert Margrit pushing Landy 645x

Life with this Wildlife nut is amazing. Fierce Lions, orphaned Rhinos and Monkeys, scary Snakes, injured Raptors, majestic Elephants, and many other injured or Endanger Species; Margrit does her part to help them by Helping People Saving Wildlife.   After 40 years together you could say we know each other pretty well.  But Margrit surprises me daily […]

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Happy Birthday Nikela! Look What’s Happened!

giraffe happy birthday Nikela 645x150

Five years ago this month Margrit and Russ founded the nonprofit Nikela to help people saving African wildlife. Five Years It’s hard to believe that it has been five years! Six really since that visit to the African Bird of Prey Sanctuary… the one that sparked it all. Well actually it was the years previous […]

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Second Wind – Living our Dream Giving Back in Africa

Second Wind Overlanding's Impact on Overlanders

Who would have thought it possible living our dream giving back in Africa! Our luxury accommodations and transportation consist of an old 2001 Land Rover totally Kitted for African Travel and living, everything needed to get deep into the bush and enjoy the ride. The cool thing is Margrit and I have searched long and […]

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Injured Giraffe: When Nature’s Way is the Best Wildlife Conservation

Injured Giraffe 645x150

Injured giraffe, experienced wildlife conservation rangers know when Nature’s Way is the best wildlife conservation. There he stood… so majestic in the trees. The giraffe is a unique animal that literally stands out above the crowd. That’s probably why this larger than life creature became Nikela’s icon. But wait, “He’s injured!” Russ points out. I […]

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“Honey, There’s an Elephant Right Here!”

BOTS Moremi elephant campsite 3rd bridge 645x150

PHOTOS An elephant right here a bit late for breakfast next to our Landy with rooftop tent open and unmovable. Standing on the ladder with my head in our roof top tent I hear Margrit say, “Ahh, there is an Elephant right here!“  It must be on the other side of the marshy pond.  I […]

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Living Among Lions With No Fences

BOTS Moremi lion kill buffalo 2 645x150

PHOTOS night visitors in the Okavango Delta where its living among lions, elephant, giraffe, hippo, birds and simply, nature at it’s finest. It took us all day to make our way to Third Bridge Camp in Moremi. A fabulous day of challenging our Landy through sand, water and mud, not to mention enjoying the wildlife. […]

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Weather the determining factor when living in a Landy


Sun, rain and wind are ever present when living in a Landy. Hurry! Back her up! Close enough… pretty level. Russ undoes the front latches, I the back. I grab the zipper. A few more raindrops… The cover is thrown off. I loosen the ladder as Russ jumps down and grabs it, swings it, and […]

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