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Is this how you’ll feel when wild lions go extinct?

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The morning sun and the stars at night are always going to be coming around, but what about wild lions? Three years ago it was finally time. For several years I’d needed those little spectacles on my nose they call reading glasses while working on the computer or pouring over a good book. It wasn’t […]

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Proof Lights Keep Wild Lions Away From Cattle

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No dead livestock equals a happy farmer after a pride of fifteen wild lions are scared off by lights and sirens provided by Walking For Lions. It is well over a year ago (January 2015) when I met Marnus Roodbol, the founder of Walking For Lions. From that first meeting I was sold, not by […]

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Tigers and Bears, and What? No Lions? Oh My!


Ever think what Africa would be with no lions? Not as long as people like Marnus are protecting them in Botswana. Sing with me. “Lions and tigers and bears…Oh my! Lions and tigers and bears…Oh my!” What if I told you in only a few short years from now that we might be singing a […]

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5 Top Considerations Before Making a Donation


Before making a donation be sure to consider these key factors to assure your money is helping how and where you want it to. Giving is a wonderful thing! It makes us feel good. Makes us feel like we’re doing something to help. When we give strategically our gift also makes a big difference. But […]

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Why the African Lion is Important to the Ecosystem

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Besides being the King of Beasts, the African Lion plays a crucial role in their environment. Without them, entire ecosystems can falter. At times we may wonder… How much do we really know about African lions? What is their current conservation status? Why are these lions significant? Once we know about these lions, how can we […]

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