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Oasis Carved For Wildlife Sanctuary and Ecotourism

LIM Mountain Sanctuary 4x4 Margrit mountain 2 645x150

White lion breeders, leopard friendly, 4×4 trails, platinum mines, wildlife sanctuary and ecotourism. Sixteen years ago Deon and Ankie retired from the corporate life in the big city and bought a good sized farm in the Mokopane area. Their goal, to preserve this small spot of habitat for who ever naturally lives here. This includes […]

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The Hunter Becomes the Hunted, Kendall Jones

elephant cross hairs 645x150

A US citizen reacts to seeing, reading about teen hunter Kendall Jones. We wondered what regular folk thought about Texas’ teen huntress. When one of our new volunteers expressed absolute dismay we asked her to jot down her thoughts… by doing so she learned a most valuable lesson. What a fellow US citizen has to […]

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From Lions to Rhino Africa Wildlife Conservation Tour 2014 Highlights

Africa Wildlife Conservation Tour 2014 - logo 645x150

Humorous highlights as Margrit and Russ Harris Founders of Nikela talk to wildlife conservationists and advocates in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa and Swaziland.   Recently Christin and I had an email exchange. She and her husband, Earth Lovers on Tour, are traveling and assisting throughout Africa. “It takes time to digest everything,” she told me… and […]

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Poachers’ Snares: The Race to get there First!

Maxwell snares 645x150

Daily animals are caught in snares in Africa, endangered and threatened species are not spared from the poachers’ traps. They don’t use tranquilizer darts, hunting rifles or military issue fire power. They don’t make the news like the rhino and elephant poachers do. However, these low key, every day poachers are a huge threat to […]

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Ripping the Heart Out of Wildlife Conservation


October 25, 2012 the Wildlife Forum met in Cape Town to consider a Protocol which is nothing short of a declaration of war on South Africa’s wildlife, according to Chris Mercer.   Every once in a while Chris Mercer, founder of the Campaign Against Canned Hunting and one of South Africa’s most informed wildlife activists, reports on wildlife […]

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Why I love Africa, Wildlife and Especially the Rhino

World Rhino Month - Andrew Cairncross 2 FB 645x150

Shooting endangered and threatened African wildlife, rhino, leopard, Wild Dog, with his camera is Andrew Cairncross’ passion. As with most wonderful folks we meet, Andrew connected with Nikela online over a year ago when he first provided an amazing rhino image for use on an ebook cover (RHINO HORN by Chris Mercer). Most recently Andrew contributed […]

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NIKELA News: Rhino, Videos, Raptors, & a Suspension

Nikela News

Fighting animal poaching, saving endangered rhino with hi-tech equipment, leopard project suspended, CITES wildlife trafficking video. The Rhino 250 rhino have been poached in South Africa in the last 171 days! Every two days three rhino die! Not only is this rhino loss so devastating, the pain and suffering many of these animals go through […]

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South Africa’s Wildlife Myth

SA 1000 hills 645x150

South African wildlife, pristine jungle teeming with wild animals and birds… What a splendid morning! Thousands of birds including pelican, cormorant and seagulls lined the beach, flew overhead in formation, and bobbed on the gentle waves. A spectacular sight! It made me think of what it must have been like a mere 200 years ago […]

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