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The conclusion of the Land Rover Stuck in Tanzania Saga

stuck 3 - Landy shop 645x200

It all began quite suddenly without warning and turned into quite the Land Rover Stuck in Tanzania adventure. The entire stuck in Tanzania saga took 14 days. Yes, it was all of two weeks later that we finally are back on the road south. It all started when driving the back road from Singadi to […]

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I think I discovered the Secret to a Happy Life

I think I discovered the secret to a happy life while stuck in Africa

In the midst of being stranded in the middle of nowhere in Tanzania I might just have discovered the secret to a happy life. Recently I read a book by Shanda Sumpter. She is a business woman with a fascinating model for success. A key element is endurance. Most of us give up too easily […]

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How We Are Sharing Our African Adventures


Keeping all these African Adventures to ourselves seems a bit selfish, don’t you think? Margrit, I, and Landy (our 2001 Land Rover) have such a good time roaming Africa and Helping People Saving Wildlife. Recently we found a way to share it all with you and as many others as possible through almost daily videos […]

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PODCAST On The Road 4×4 Stopover #NikelaAfrica

Lany uphill climb 645x200

Some stopovers while overlanding are more fun than others, this was one of those extraordinary ones #NikelaAfrica Frequently we simply find a place to camp when we’re ready. This stopover was no exception. Little did we know we’d have an adventure and make some new ‘friends’. Key #NikelaAfrica into the Search bar for stories, videos […]

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Second Wind – Iconic Adventure in our Land Rover


Overlanding Africa in our old Land Rover is like driving a Harley-Davidson without the roar. The unexpected benefit of buying an old Land Rover to travel Africa is its iconic nature.  We thought it would be more African and thus nostalgic, but we had no idea.  People walk up to us in parking lots, seek […]

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PODCAST: Living in a Land Rover in Africa #NikelaAfrica

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Ride along with us in our Land Rover as we meet dedicated wildlife conservationists, view amazing wildlife and have some crazy adventures along the way via our Podcasts. Downsizing! Russ and I have lived in about every space imaginable. From a 4,000 sq ft mission home, spacious two story, patio home, apartment, RV and now… […]

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Second Wind – Land Rover Defender TD5, Right Vehicle?

Second Wind Overlanding's Impact on Overlanders

When Overlanding in Africa the right vehicle is as much about you as the 4×4. If you can believe it, there are OVERLANDERS who actually peddle their bikes around the world.  We also met a man who has traveled the world’s highways with his motorcycle and side car for the past 10 years.  He does […]

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