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Rhino News: Poachers caught, illegal trade network, UN Resolution

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Wildlife trafficking, poachers get caught, anti-poaching rangers, police doing their job. Journey of rhino horn from Africa to Asia, German makes UN demand. Caught! Post by Spots International. Crime Network! The criminals involved, the methods and the madness is captured in this infographic. One thing we caught that did get omitted is a reason against legalizing the […]

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Protecting Endangered Wildlife Species with Drones Update

1-Peter Milton Air Ranger UAV

From Peter Milton to Tom Snitch on to ShadowView calling them conservation drones, UAVs or Air Rangers, they are all about protecting the last rhino. Only recently with the increase in military equipped poachers ravaging entire elephant herds and rhino crashes have the experts turned to drones. Protecting endangered wildlife species from the sky with UAVs […]

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NIKELA Focus for 2013: Protect Now and Educate to Stop Poaching

Nikela News

Stop extinction! Protect endangered rhino and other African wildlife species from illegal trade and trafficking in South Africa. Watching Shannon fly her ambassador raptors in the clear South African sky was magical. Seeing her flinch as kids told stories of trapping and killing birds was painful. Hearing her dispel myths, open students’ eyes and touch […]

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Is Collaboration the Solution to Save the Rhino in 2013?

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2012 marks highest rhino poaching numbers in history, around 650, with majority lost in the famous Kruger National Park in South Africa. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) there are about 16,000 black rhino and white rhino remaining in Africa, with approximately 90% found in South Africa. With poaching reaching alarming numbers over the […]

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NIKELA asks for Photos not Donations this Holiday Season

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Wildlife scavenger hunt for products made from horn, skin, bone, fur, feathers of endangered and threatened wildlife species.     It’s the season when every nonprofit organization and cause is screaming “donate”, to stop this and change that… and empty your already low pocket book. At NIKELA we’re asking you to share photos. No, not […]

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