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Five Top Ways People Protect Wild Animals in Africa

BOT Chobe Park giraffe savanah scene 645x200

For 7 years, Margrit & Russ talked with the people on the ground in Africa and here is what they discovered. “Protect wild animals in Africa? No problem. Just have the Wildlife community get together and work things out!” That was my naïve solution as a retiring engineer from the U.S. Looking back it was […]

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How lights save lions and livestock in Tanzania

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Human wildlife conflict is on the rise and the folks with the Tanzania Lion Illumination Project have found that lights save lions from being killed by farmers. It was a rainy morning in Karatu, Tanzania. Philipo and I were messaging back and forth to nail down a time and place to meet. Philipo Ormorijei, a […]

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Breaking News for Wild Lions in Northern Namibia


Did you know protecting wild lions in their natural environment is the absolute best way to preserve the species long term? He’s back! Great news for wild lions. After several challenging months addressing the usual permit and funding related matters Walking For Lions is back. When we first met Marnus, a few years ago, he […]

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