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Why the praised biodiversity notion is not working in Africa

TAN barren scene cattle 645x200

This commentary is purely based on what we saw and learned during our months traveling and visiting with people in Malawi, Kenya and Tanzania. Wildlife conservation as a concept has morphed from preserving fauna and flora in natural ecosystems to a biodiversity notion. Phrases like, “sustainable use” and “wildlife management” have made a commodity out […]

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Why I have this Love-Hate relationship with Africa!

Why I have this love-hate relations with Africa 645x200

Traveling Africa is exciting, adventurous and can also become a real love-hate relationship by what we experience from day to day. I didn’t stop to help! I walked by the rubbish on the beach! Suddenly I caught myself. What’s going on? In my right mind I never go on by without offering help. In my […]

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What’s happening to the wildlife in progressive Rwanda?

DSC03626 RWA Nyungwe NP mountain monkey-645x200

As Margrit and Russ travel Africa they discover what’s happening to wildlife in progressive Rwanda. Mere meters before you get to the Rwandan border from Tanzania there is this strange crossover. Suddenly without warning you’re driving on the right side of the road. This is but the first of many surprising changes we find upon […]

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Breaking News from Walking For Lions

Margrit Marnus driving bush 645x200

A chance meeting leads to a warm friendship between Nikela and Walking For Lions. It was totally by accident that Marnus Roodbol with Walking For Lions and I met at the Mugg & Bean in Johannesburg in early 2014. I was impressed by his dedication, enthusiasm and knowledge right away. We simply had to support […]

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Proof Lights Keep Wild Lions Away From Cattle

Lion sepia 645x200

No dead livestock equals a happy farmer after a pride of fifteen wild lions are scared off by lights and sirens provided by Walking For Lions. It is well over a year ago (January 2015) when I met Marnus Roodbol, the founder of Walking For Lions. From that first meeting I was sold, not by […]

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Tigers and Bears, and What? No Lions? Oh My!


Ever think what Africa would be with no lions? Not as long as people like Marnus are protecting them in Botswana. Sing with me. “Lions and tigers and bears…Oh my! Lions and tigers and bears…Oh my!” What if I told you in only a few short years from now that we might be singing a […]

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PODCAST A Day in the Bush with the Man Who Protects Lions

BOT WFL Russ Marnus ligh siren solar kraal 645x200

Before we even met we ran a matching challenge campaign to assist the man who protects lions in Botswana with lights, PODCAST. “They’ve been here!” I stare at the sand track in front of us. Really where? Obviously it takes a trained and keen eye to pick out lion spoor from a moving vehicle! Enjoy […]

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VIDEO How Lights Can Save Lions With Your Help

Male Lion 645x200

Marnus is not the only one who has figured out how lights can save lions, here’s why we chose to help him in Botswana. Let’s go save some lions! Marnus and his team at Walking For Lions are seeing success with some very simple innovations. Though simple, they still cost money. With a little from […]

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