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Thank You Letter From Felix a Wildlife Ranger Scout

DSC02553 WAG Russ scout patrol hike-645x200

What a welcome surprise in my inbox, a thank you letter from a wildlife ranger scout we sponsor. Late last year we sponsored a wildlife ranger scout to save elephants for 2017. We decided to do this after we’d met Lynn Clifford. Just weeks before she’d been in a crazy gyrocopter accident. They were tracking a […]

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Trapped at the waterhole by elephants in Majete Game Reserve


There we were enjoying the elephants and other wildlife in Majete Game Reserve when we realized that we were trapped at the waterhole. Let me set the scene: A hide is a lookout for viewing wildlife. The Nakamba Hide in the Majete Game Reserve is elevated about one story above the waterhole. The waterhole and […]

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3 Things People In The USA Can Do To Stop Wildlife Trafficking

elephant Kruger 950x

Three practical things we learned from a group of Fifth Grade students that will help stop wildlife trafficking of endangered animals and birds in Africa. “I had no idea!” “You’ve got to be kidding!” Recently we met with a group of Fifth Grade students and their teachers.  Wildlife Poaching was one of the topics they […]

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Namibia, Desert Wildlife and Culture

NAM Etosha Pan gemsbok springbok herd looking waterhole 645x200

Namibia desert Wildlife and Culture continue to be a very pleasant surprise for us. Last year we retreated here to get away from the rainy season building in other parts of Southern Africa.  We didn’t expect much and were mostly going to bide our time for a month or so before going back to the […]

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