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The Real Story About Lion Trophy Imports

Lioness and cub color-bw 645x150

Chris Mercer with the Campaign Against Canned Hunting gives us the real story about lion trophy imports despite CITES and EU reports. Today we shared a story via Twitter regarding the EU banning the importation of lion trophies. Well, unfortunately it appears that this is not really good news. Chris Mercer with the Campaign Against […]

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Rescued: The Luckiest Lion Cubs Arrive Home

the lion cubs 645x150

Thanks to the many dedicated folk associated with the Campaign Against Canned Hunting two lion cubs arrive Home. The luckiest lion cubs arrive home! Photos of their arrival in South Africa and a brief video clip at their forever home at Kevin Richardson’s Sanctuary. Miss the story of their rescue? Read about it here. Photos […]

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Rescued: The Luckiest Lion Cubs

the lion cubs 645x150

Photo leads to triumphant rescue thanks to the astute folk with the Campaign Against Canned Hunting. …a chain of events that saves two adorable lion cubs. The above photo was taken somewhere in Spain and posted on Facebook. It was noticed by the unassuming warm woman sharing a cool drink on the Mugg & Bean […]

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Letter to US Fish and Wildlife Regarding Elephant Trophies

keep African elephants alive and wild - no trophy hunting

Chris Mercer speaks out on the impact of elephant and rhino trophy hunting on wildlife conservation in Africa. From time to time a story is of great importance and needs to be shared. This open letter by Chris Mercer to US Fish and Wildlife regarding elephant trophy hunting and its impact on wildlife conservation is […]

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Why is the Wildlife Conservation Community so Helpless?

KRUGER African lion. photo by Margrit Harris

Modern wildlife conservation, trophy hunting, and endangered species in Africa. Trophy hunting is wildlife conservation? Thousands of American dollars pour into Africa’s wildlife conservation programs every year from the lions, rhino, elephant, leopard and even giraffe that are set up to be hunted by professional and amateur hunters, from seasoned to kids. Before I get […]

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Wildlife Advocates We Must Prove Chris Mercer Wrong!

Pseudo hunting rhino poaching - chris mercer Chumlong 645x150

As always Animal Welfare Activist Chris Mercer tells it like it is. Asia’s illegal wildlife trade driving African wildlife species to extinction. …….   Let’s prove Chris Mercer wrong. Let’s show him that we do care, that we can change and that we will stop the looting of Africa’s wildlife, endangered, threatened and all species […]

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