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Cheetah Population Management in Namibia: A Controversial Experiment

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Namibia’s constitutional right of landowners to own local wildlife populations is the genesis of a controversial, and yet unproven experiment in Cheetah conservation. These days, stories about cheetah conservation often have a tragic air. Starting from the population crash of cheetahs in the last century, the articles will go on and on about major concerns like habitat loss […]

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PODCAST Protecting Cheetahs in the Wild #NikelaAfrica

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Common sense and studies say protecting cheetahs in the wild is the best conservation method for this species #podcast #NikelaAfrica “Hmm! Are they good guys?” This is a question I always ask before we visit and meet with folks doing wildlife conservation. Now you’d think everyone was on the same page! But not so. That’s […]

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Where Have All the Cheetahs Gone?

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It may surprise you that there are less than 10,000 Cheetahs left in the wilds today! There were once over 100,000 cheetahs in the wild. In fact, just a hundred years ago before the drastic fall in cheetahs’ population, these unique and elegant predators could be found throughout the whole African continent and into Asia […]

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Human Wildlife Conflict: Protecting Cheetah in South Africa

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Running fast towards extinction largely due to human wildlife conflict is our planet’s cheetah population. Could guard dogs be a solution to protect them? According to Cheetah Outreach, currently there are only approximately 7,500 cheetahs left in Africa, compared to the 100,000 world-wide at the turn of the century 1. Of these, South Africa holds approximately 850 […]

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Breeding Cheetahs: For What Real Purpose?

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If not released to the wilds why are we breeding Cheetahs? Gene pool conservation, zoos, canned hunting, entertainment. Nestled in the hills near Hartebeestpoort dam is a Cheetah Center started back in 1971 when a farmer shot a female Cheetah with cubs. Today, the 50 odd resident Cheetah live in spacious enclosures and are gorgeous […]

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