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Is Trophy Hunting a Dying Sport?

1-kudu bull cross hairs 645x200

With all the attention trophy hunting has been getting of late is it rapidly becoming a dying sport? Trophy hunting at it’s finest! She’s got him in lined up in the cross-hairs. He’s a gorgeous specimen and will look grand on her office wall. She pulls the trigger. He lurches forward. The herd panics and […]

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Why the African Lion is Important to the Ecosystem

lion 2 645x200

Besides being the King of Beasts, the African Lion plays a crucial role in their environment. Without them, entire ecosystems can falter. At times we may wonder… How much do we really know about African lions? What is their current conservation status? Why are these lions significant? Once we know about these lions, how can we […]

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A Visit With The Rescued Lion Cubs in Their Forever Home

SA Kevin RS lion cubs George Yaime profiles 950x150 1

PHOTOS What a treat to actually see the rescued lion cubs George and Yame knowing we helped a bit to make it possible. “Do you think we could see the lion cubs?” I asked Linda Park on our arrival in Johannesburg. Leaving right at dawn Russ, Margie Kolver (with One More Generation SA) and I […]

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Breeding Cheetahs: For What Real Purpose?

Breeding Cheetah running 1 950x

If not released to the wilds why are we breeding Cheetahs? Gene pool conservation, zoos, canned hunting, entertainment. Nestled in the hills near Hartebeestpoort dam is a Cheetah Center started back in 1971 when a farmer shot a female Cheetah with cubs. Today, the 50 odd resident Cheetah live in spacious enclosures and are gorgeous […]

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The Hunter Becomes the Hunted, Kendall Jones

elephant cross hairs 645x150

A US citizen reacts to seeing, reading about teen hunter Kendall Jones. We wondered what regular folk thought about Texas’ teen huntress. When one of our new volunteers expressed absolute dismay we asked her to jot down her thoughts… by doing so she learned a most valuable lesson. What a fellow US citizen has to […]

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Most Unlikely Trophy Hunting Victims, Children

Lioness and cub color-bw 645x150

The next generation will pay the price as trophy, canned and sport hunting are becoming increasingly more bizarre with hunters engaging children at earlier ages. Do we need ratings for family activities? In the USA there are ratings for movies, games and television shows. These ratings are to safeguard children from excessive and premature adult […]

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Teen Animal Slayer Gets Slammed for Trophy Hunting

CNN teen hunter 645x150

Kendall Jones gets called on the carpet by CNN for her self gratifying antics killing endangered wildlife in Africa. More about trophy hunting and why it is not wildlife conservation Bradley’s Open Letter to WWF eReport by Dr. Pieter Kat of LionAid What if trophy hunters became donors instead of killers? How we can all […]

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