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2 ways we’re killing our birds of prey one old one new

Long crested eagle bird 645x200

Birds of prey are all around us but largely go unnoticed as do the threats killing them. It was actually a bird and a $100 bill that got Nikela started almost seven years ago. Since then birds of prey and those who protect them, like Shannon, have our attention. Birds of prey, besides being beautiful, […]

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Meet one of wildlife conservation’s rising stars


During our travels we meet some amazing people. Some, like Belinda may be wildlife conservation’s rising stars, bringing the passion needed to save the wild birds and animals of Africa. She has this light in her eyes and a ready humble smile. With grace and confidence she calls the owl to her. Her favorite bird […]

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Spotlight on Raptors – African Birds of Prey

KAL Lappet-Face Vultures bird 645x

Raptors or “birds of prey” are crucial to sustaining the ecosystem of Africa.  Learn about these incredible creatures and why we need to protect them! When I hear the term Raptor, the 90’s kid in me immediately thinks of the cunning, vicious, and all around terrifying dinosaurs that spent 2 hours and 7 minutes hunting […]

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Nikela Volunteer Jessica Talks about Her Visit with Shannon’s Raptors

check hand off Shannon Jess Bearded vulture 645x150

African birds of prey, raptors some endangered some threatened all are welcome, rescued, rehabilitated by falconers and wildlife conservationists Shannon and Ben Hoffman. Nikela Volunteer Jessica Immelman recently visited the Raptor Center with a donation check and to experience Africa’s largest rescue center and sanctuary for the predators of the sky. Let’s journey with Jessica… […]

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Wonderful People Wednesday – Jess makes it happen for rhino

Wonderful People Wednesday

Nikela Volunteer Jessica Immelman visited Shannon’s Raptor Center, Bearded Vulture program and produced World Rhino Day video “The Rhino’s Song” with Alex Rodel and Warren Freimond. It was in March of this year that Jess and I connected via Twitter. We exchanged a few emails, chatted on Skype and I was delighted by her skills […]

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Nikela News: Leopards, Rhinos, Volunteers and the Bearded Lady

Nikela News

Protecting endangered species, rhino, primates, bearded vulture via volunteers and folks like Peter, Karin, and Shannon. Money and Wildlife Don’t Mix You ever stepped back to look at what’s really happening to our world and our wildlife? Well, it seems that money is at the heart of the destruction of our habitat and directly related […]

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Nikela Volunteer Visits Raptor Center with Donation Check

check hand off Shannon Jess Bearded vulture 645x150

Jessica Immelman hands off donation check from Nikela to Shannon Hoffman at Africa’s largest Bird of Prey Sanctuary to protect the endangered Bearded Vulture. It all began on Twitter. A mutual interest in wildlife set off a conversation and ended up with Jessica delivering a donation check to one of Nikela’s projects. “What an amazing […]

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