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Is political corruption at the heart of Africa’s ever growing problems?

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People disappear, get killed for speaking out against political corruption in Africa and nothing changes. Where will it end? Corruption, apathy and cruelty at every turn. One of benefits of being Overlanders is meeting interesting people along the way. Tony is in the agricultural business in Zimbawe. Naturally conversations invariably turn to wildlife conservation. Not […]

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2 Essentials to Saving African Elephants in Malawi

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It takes a special breed of people for saving African elephants in Malawi right now and they must have these two essentials. “Sorry I’m late!” She says walking in all smiles. A large scarf covers her right shoulder. Only three weeks earlier Lynn Clifford, Field Manger for the Wildlife Action Group project in Malawi, was […]

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Voice and Action for Wildlife in Kenya

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Taking a stand because it is his heritage and the right thing to do a young man is voice and action for wildlife in Kenya. “Hello!…” A brief friendly personal message via Facebook started my acquaintance with Noor Santosian, founder of Africa Nomads Conservation in Kenya. His response to “Why are you so passionate about […]

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Getting in the Way of INTEL: When Those Who Think They Help, Don’t

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Catching the wildlife traffickers and illegal traders to save endangered species, especially the rhino, requires skill, finesse, technology and most of all intelligence. Over the last few days we’ve been getting some eye opening information from one of our sources in the INTELLIGENCE world. Some is for sharing and some not. Have you ever stopped […]

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Nikela News: Rhinos, Lions, Poachers and a Remarkable Vet

Nikela News

Wildlife trafficking, rhino poaching, heroes, poachers, SA government, LA and New York. What do they all have in common? To bring you the latest news, stories and videos here are two brief clips discussing two broad topics: “What’s Happening to Africa’s Rhino?” and “Wildlife Trafficking: Who Does it? Who Allows it?” This covers the latest […]

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Animal Poaching: Hunger, Greed or Ego?

I dont want to grow a horn - rhino

Part 3 in Series on Animal Poaching. What’s at the heart of animal poaching? Three experts’ opinions: local bushmeat, rhino horn trade, trophy and canned/captive hunting, illegal wildlife trafficking, organized crime. What’s at the Root of Africa’s Wildlife Loss? This is the third in our Series on addressing the serious topic of poaching in Africa. […]

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Can Governments Solve Illegal Wildlife Trafficking?

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US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, aid will not be used to fight wildlife trafficking, China, illegal trade, endangered species, Vietnam, animal poaching.   In Vietnam After World Rhino Day this past September (2011) Vietnam pledged to educate their citizens regarding illegal wildlife trafficking. Exhibitions held jointly by Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) and the Asian Regional […]

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