Ride Along With Us - Margrit and Russ #NikelaAfrica

Ride along with us...

For people who love adventure and helping.

Meet the most dedicated people ever saving Africa's wildlife. 

See amazing wild animals and birds. And have some crazy adventures living in an old Land Rover.

Sit next to us at a waterhole in Etosha Pan. Does the giraffe or the gemsbok get to drink first? Does the thirsty kudu bull even notice the lion in the brush behind him?

Bump along with us in our old Land Rover. Can we make it over the boulders to reach that coveted secluded campsite? Can we avoid getting stuck in deep desert sand in the dunes of Namibia?

Join us as we visit with the most dedicated people you will ever meet saving wildlife. People like Peter who protects rhino and elephant from poachers. People like Marnus who keeps farmers from killing lions. People like Silke who give monkeys a second chance at living free. People like Shannon who keeps those amazing raptors flying high.

Most important you’ll see what these folk are doing to save Africa’s iconic species (and some you may never even have heard of) and what you can do to help.

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Ride along with us...