Stop the Demand for Rhino Horn

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Stop Demand for Rhino Horn

Graze for Rhinos


To curb the demand for Rhino horn in Asia is Nicole’s quest!

This project was conceived and is being developed by Nicole Gouws, a Nikela volunteer living in Hong Kong. She and her group of wildlife lovers are raising funds to pay for translating important material to circulate in Asia, like POACHED! The tragic story of a vets desprate struggle to save a rhino.

She started Graze for Rhinos on Facebook to engage others.

However, as Nicole is already rocking we needed to create a secure way to receive funds via the Nikela donation system. (This page will soon include much more information.)

When you click on the Giraffe “Give $7″ button you will be redirected to the donation page for Graze for Rhinos.

Thank you for your support and patience as we are hurrying as fast as we can to get more information posted here.

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