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Meet some amazing, dedicated people saving wildlife. We travel Africa in our old Land Rover finding people like Marnus, Silke, Shannon, Baye and Peter... the little guys (and gals) who work so very hard, overcome huge obstacles and save one animal at a time.

Some help from you makes a big difference

Lynn project 270x

Help Lynn Save Elephants

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Malawi, Africa
In a forgotten forest in Malawi Lynn and her team of ranger scouts protect elephants and their habitat from poachers. The herds are growing. Poachers are being prosecuted. But there's one big problem...
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Help Baye Save Wildlife

Help Baye Save Wildlife

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Zimbabwe, Africa
A real rescue center works towards releasing rehabilitated wild animals, birds and reptiles. You can help this new center build enclosures, secure equipment and fund releases.
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Save Elephants Help Sponsor a Scout

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Forgotten elephants in the Thuma Forest need protection. Poachers are destroying them and their habitat. Save elephants sponsor a scout
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Silke Babies 270x156

Help Silke Rescue Baby Vervet Monkeys

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Limpopo, South Africa
Every year around 30 orphaned monkeys arrive at this wildlife center. You can help raise them, purchase food and supplies and three years later fund their release back into the wild.
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Shannon fly Chicken 270x156

Help Shannon Fly “Chicken”

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Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
Numerous myths threaten many bird of prey species. Help educate old and young to stop the killing with heart changing flight shows, inspiring sanctuary tours, and timely rescue efforts.
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