Projects and Campaigns

Lion WFL campaign 270x156

Help Protect Lions from Extinction

Lion numbers are declining so rapidly that they could be extinct by 2020. Retaliatory killings by humans is one of the leading causes of their deaths. Walking For Lions is using simple, yet innovative ways to protect them, and you can help.

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Nikela Rhino Rescue project pic

Save The Last Rhinos

Time is of the essence! Did you know that every 11 hours a rhino is brutally killed for its horns in South Africa? Countless calves are lost when their mothers die. With only a few thousand of these beasts left… you can do the math

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Silke Babies 270x156

Help Silke Rescue Babies

In South Africa many vervet monkeys are left orphaned. Silke is a rescue/rehab expert. She raises these babies, forms entire troops and gives them a second chance to live free.

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Shannon fly Chicken 270x156

Help Shannon Fly “Chicken”

South Africa has over 80 raptor species (birds of prey) many endemic to the region, many at high risk due to habitat loss and humand-raptor conflicts. Shannon and her husband Ben are a powerful duo on a mission to preserve Africa‚Äôs birds of prey. Ben the rescue and rehabilitation expert, while Shannon an expert falconer […]

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Stop the poachers project pic 270x156

Stop the Rhino Poachers

Traditional anti-poaching measures are no longer effective. A thermal imaging camera mounted on an UAV can spot poachers before they kill a rhino or other endangered African wildlife species.

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