Projects and Campaigns

Stop the Rhino Poachers

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Southern Africa
Save Rhino from Poachers

Traditional anti-poaching measures are no longer effective. A thermal imaging camera mounted on an UAV can spot poachers before they kill a rhino or other endangered African wildlife species.

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Help Shannon Fly “Chicken”

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Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
Education, Rescue/Rehab and Sanctuary

South Africa has over 80 raptor species (birds of prey) many endemic to the region, many at high risk due to habitat loss and humand-raptor conflicts. Shannon and her husband Ben are a powerful duo on a mission to preserve Africa’s birds of prey. Ben the rescue and rehabilitation expert, while Shannon an expert falconer and educator.

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Help Silke Rescue Babies

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Limpopo, South Africa
Rescue, Rehabilitation, Sanctuary, Education
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In South Africa many vervet monkeys are left orphaned. Silke is a rescue/rehab expert. She raises these babies, forms entire troops and gives them a second chance to live free.

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