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PBnJ Club 3 eating sandwich

Can eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich help save African wildlife?

You bet!

If you’re concerned about preserving Africa’s majestic wildlife … but aren’t sure how you can help … this is the easiest (and tastiest!) way to get started.

Have a look …

What’s Nikela’s PB’nJ  Club?

(This video was created by a group of University of Texas students as a class project and given as a gift to Nikela… thank you Shawn. Music courtesy of Buildings)

Most of us eat lunch right? And if you’re anything like me you probably grab a fast food sandwich on the run. Any idea how much you spend? All those burgers, pizza slices, and sub sandwiches can really put a dent in your wallet!

But what if you skipped your favorite fast food joint just once per week … and enjoyed a PB’nJ instead? You could save $5, $7 or maybe even $10!

That adds up to between $20 and $40 a month. Over the course of a year you could be sitting on almost $500! Just from taking a pass on dining out at lunch and eating a PB’nJ. Nice, huh?

What would you do with that extra cash? Imagine the possibilities!

You could buy a new outfit … go on a trip … or purchase a nice gift for a loved one. And those are all fine options.  But seeing as you have a heart for wildlife, here’s a GREAT option: You could give at least $7 of those savings to protect African wildlife so it doesn’t disappear completely.

Every penny of your donation goes to help save wildlife!

Unlike some nonprofits where a percentage of your gift goes towards salaries and other administrative expenses, at Nikela 100% of your money goes where you want it… to help save wildlife.

 How can we do this? Simple: Nikela is volunteer run, from the Founders on down.

What can your PBnJ do?

Maybe you want to ensure the rhino is still around in the wild when your kids grow up …

Or you love falcons, hawks and eagles and want to help Shannon save them …

Maybe primates are your thing – especially cute baby vervet monkeys! – and you want to help Silke’s rescue, rehab and release center …

If you’re a big picture thinker then getting involved with our initiative to create the next generation of wildlife advocates might be your cup of tea.

It doesn’t matter which project you choose – every dollar makes a difference.  And YES your small monthly gift … together with your friends and their friends around the world … does make a difference!

Here’s How Your Donation Helps

When you make a donation to Nikela great things happen for African wildlife.

To date we’ve contributed to …

  • Building an enclosure for the rescued Bearded Lady (Lammergeyer) at Shannon’s Bird of Prey Sanctuary
  • Purchasing an additional thermal imaging camera for an Air Ranger to detect and apprehend rhino poachers
  • Helped to buy a much needed vehicle for a primate rescue rehab center,
  • Provided underprivileged students with opportunities to experience and learn about wildlife at both Shannon’s center and a bush school
  • Added to Silke’s fund for a larger first aid and treatment clinic, donated to two anti-poaching teams for much needed supplies, and provided two camera traps for a free roaming leopard research project.
  • And we’re just getting started! Just imagine the ways your donation will help save African wildlife!

Helping out is easy. Just click the giraffe below to make a donation!

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