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Ready to volunteer at a wildlife project? Contact us.

Tell us how you’d like to help and we’ll put you directly in contact with some of the best small rescue/rehab and anti-poaching projects in Africa.

There’s no guarantee that they’ll have a slot for you, however, if they do you’ll have a marvelous experience.

We, Nikela, don’t have our own wildlife project sites. However, as we travel Africa looking for people saving wildlife we find great folks with great projects. We don’t make any money on this, we simply like to help. Our passion is to raise awareness for people like Baye, Silke, Lynn, Shannon, Marnus, Moses. And, where we can raise some funds too.

Not all invite volunteers and interns to join them. At some you can volunteer at no cost. At most you pay, that’s how they bring in funds for their work.

We don’t charge a thing, so its a really good deal finding a place to volunteer through us.

Some of our favorite wildlife projects

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