Nikela Volunteer Visits Raptor Center with Donation Check

Jessica Immelman hands off donation check from Nikela to Shannon Hoffman at Africa’s largest Bird of Prey Sanctuary to protect the endangered Bearded Vulture.

Bearded Vulture Nikela donation check

It all began on Twitter. A mutual interest in wildlife set off a conversation and ended up with Jessica delivering a donation check to one of Nikela’s projects.

“What an amazing place!” is what Jess had to say after witnessing Shannon’s bird of prey flight demonstration and experiencing a personal tour around Africa’s largest bird of prey sanctuary. Earlier this month Jess presented Shannon Hoffman with a $1,000 check to assist in her work with protecting Africa’s endangered and threatened bird of prey species. Shannon and her husband Ben are a dynamite duo.

Ben runs the rescue center, where he treats around 200 raptors a year that need the care of a skilled rehabber. Ben is one of the world’s finest. Those that sadly cannot be returned to the wild due to the severity of their injury or being too humanized (tame) are then placed in a breeding program or sanctuary. Some are suitable for Shannon’s sanctuary where the birds become ambassadors for their species.

Jess hands off Nikela donation check to Shannon

During Jess’ visit she was introduced to Shannon’s famous Lanier Falcon “Chicken” and a relatively new resident at the center, a female Bearded Vulture, rescued from a witch doctor. The Bearded Vulture is an endangered species with only about 350 remaining in the high mountains of Southern Africa. It was originally hoped that she could be released, but sadly the team determined her far too tame after spending most of her four years in a small chicken coop like cage.

The funds provided by Nikela as well any future donations to Shannon’s project will go to assist with the center’s program to breed and reintroduce Bearded Vultures in to the wilds. Apparently without this program their long term survival is rather bleak (more coming on this timely program.)

Thanks again Jess for delivering the donation check, we look forward to more photos and videos of your visit. In the meantime you’re welcome to join us in the quest to save the Bearded Lady by making your $7 donation.

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