You Matter! Let Freedom Ring for All Living Beings

In the USA the Fourth of July is a celebration of FREEDOM. May we find ways to allow all living beings to live free in their own environment.

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Individuals Matter

It was at a very small fort, Fort McHenry, where soldiers kept the American flag flying with their very lives during a pivotal battle of the Revolutionary War. As the bombs from the attacking ships pounded the fort the out numbered patriots knew keeping the flag aloft was a matter of victory or defeat. One by one they took their turn.

Out in the bay on a ship an observer stayed focused on the flag periodically illuminated by gunfire. He kept vigil all night and as the dawn finally broke through the fog to his absolute astonishment the battered flag stood proudly waving in the breeze.

He was overwhelmed by the odds, the human sacrifice and the Divine gift given that he penned the famous anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner”.

The Power of ONE multiplied!

Freedom Robbers

How much does freedom mean to us?

How much freedom are we losing?

A couple of mornings ago Russ informed me that yet another African country was added to the US State Department’s ‘Travel Warning’ list. Several terrorist attacks and bombings have taken place in Kenya recently killing and injuring hundreds of innocent people.

In late 2013, then Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton announced that wildlife trafficking was creating international security risks.

Across Africa people are losing their freedom to organized crime and terrorists.

It’s the very same crime syndicates that are killing three rhino a day for their horn and one elephant every 15 minutes for its tusks.

Clinton also stated that the US is the second largest importer of wildlife body parts.

We, like the folks at Fort McHenry, must take back our freedom.


Although a daunting task the power of one multiplied can make a difference.

  1. DO NOT BUY jewelry, rugs, boots, or other adornments made from animal or bird parts.
  2. SHARE this POST with friends and colleagues.
  3. GET INVOLVED so you won’t miss when its your turn “to hold up the flag”.

May we be brave, work together and instrumental to let freedom ring for all living beings.

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