Kids Saving Rhino?

Margie Kolver of ‘One More Generation’ mentors kids saving Rhino.

Kids Saving Rhino

“Not again… where’s my sock?” In my sleepy state I see it circling Saturn with my lost luggage. Then I remember. Trudging to the garden I discover the white toe sticking out of the dirt.

Staying with our friend Margie Kolver in Johannesburg has its hazards one of which is her cute little thief dog Milu.

Margie’s passion for mischievous animals includes protecting all wildlife especially the Rhino, the unfortunate target for poaching syndicates who slaughter these beautiful beasts merely for their horns.

Margie Young Egyptian Vulture

Ever adventurous – Margie with a young Egyptian Vulture

As the South African Chairperson for ‘One More Generation’, Margie coordinates the awareness raising and education of youth around the world concerning the poaching of the South African Rhino and the imminent extinction of this species.

1,000,000 Foot Prints is her latest initiative: “Even the smallest feet have the power to leave everlasting footprints on the world. Enough is Enough Stop the Killing.” School kids around the world are literally adding their footprints to express this sentiment to important leaders for change.

Northwood Elementary 1000000 foot Prints NW

Northwood Elementary participates in 1,000,000 Footprints to Save Africa

Also, at the World Youth Rhino Summit last year, Margie hosted and continues to mentor 6 key youth leaders from Vietnam. Of the 140 delegates from 20 countries, these Vietnamese kids are focused to make an impact in their country that has by far the highest incidents of illegal Rhino horn trafficking.

‘One More Generation’ was founded by two exceptional kids named Olivia and Carter Ries who are empowering others to clean up the planet and save the wildlife for ‘One More Generation’ at least. Starting almost 5 years ago as elementary school students their rap sheet is extensive in Africa, Australia and the USA.

Olivia and Carter Ries OMG with 10000 letters

Olivia and Carter proudly displaying letters to President Zuma, South Africa

Margie says, “The highlight of 2013 was the visit by Carter, Olivia and their parents Jim and Lauren, to South Africa where I was privileged to spend nearly three weeks, almost 24/7 with them. We were able to hand over approximately 10, 000 letters written by children from around the world to the government of South Africa, reflecting the concern for the plight of the Rhino and urging for solutions to this heinous crime.

We also visited many schools and met many of the people who work tirelessly in their efforts to stop Rhino poaching in the country. We were accompanied by an international film crew who followed and filmed the kids on their journey and whose aim is to carry their story around the world.

We shared many happy and sad moments and through this life changing experience, forged a lifelong friendship. I am humbled by the immense passion and dedication of this amazing family and hope that together we can walk a long and successful path.”

Thanks Margie for your friendship and dedication to Kids and Wildlife. You and the Kids are changing the world.

And thanks Milu for our mark in future archaeological excavations.

Enjoy your day and do good!

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