I have some questions about Africa

A seven year old with questions about Africa interviews Margrit Harris with Nikela.

I have questions about Africa

Listen to the interview…

“I have some questions about Africa.” Our seven year old granddaughter said as we were sitting around the farm table. All three of these grandchildren are eager to find ways they can help us save African wildlife. During our last visit they created a dynamic Lego scene depicting Nikela and our mission, which Russ turned into a video of course.

I have questions about Africa Nikela Land Rover lego
As probably most children would, they enjoy helping with videos the most. One of them loves to sit next to me while I’m putting a video together on my laptop, making suggestions. After doing this for some time she decided she wanted to create something on her own and used drawings to ask questions which she then answered. (You can watch the video here.)

Most recently when our seven year old granddaughter wanted to know more about Africa I said, “Let’s do this like an interview.” She smiled and immediately started thinking of questions while I pulled out the recorder.

Drawing Nikela Africa Land Rover elephant giraffe

One of the questions she’s asked before, and did not include here is, “Who is the boss of Nikela?” This is the same granddaughter who asked for a job for her sixth birthday. Our savvy daughter, her mother, made her a lemonade stand.

Now unlike most children she didn’t sell lemonade, cookies, bananas and popsicles so she could buy a new set of Polly Pockets, or Lego Friends. Nope, she wanted to donate the money to help. So far she has raised funds for a women’s shelter and to help save baby monkeys at Silke’s Bambelela Wildlife Center.

Staying on the money theme, one of her first questions in our interview was about who gets the money people donate to Nikela. (100% of all donations go to help people saving wildlife.)

Doing this interview was delightful. While asking primarily basic questions she already shows a real flair for this type of ‘work’. When she said, to preface her final question, “To get the giggles in….” I nearly cracked up.

You’ll probably also enjoy the cute way she wraps up the interview. To get the full impact you’ll really have to watch it.

All in all, this was a really precious experience that grew out of her innocent query, “I have some questions about Africa.” Kids do care when they know.

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