Frank and the Rhino Horn a Dr. Seuss-like Tale about a Deadly Myth

Children’s stories may help us understand adult faulty thinking that leads to horrible acts like rhino poaching, wildlife trade and illegal trafficking.




What would you trade rhino horn shavings for?

Sometime ago Dr. Williams Fowlds allowed us to share a tragic story of a rhino’s courage in the wake of unspeakable brutality by ruthless poachers. We simply titled the ebook, POACHED! and shared it for free. The result was an outpouring of sympathy, anger and action as readers voiced their outrage and made donations to stop the poaching and save the last rhino.

Long ago I learned that “stories sell” or evoke responses much better than any statistics or reports do, releasing POACHED! has validated that.

Dr. Fowlds’ experience with his beloved rhino Geza illustrates what happens to the rhino targeted by poachers. A story every alleged and convicted rhino poacher should be mandated to hear.

But what about the other end of the continuum?

What about the end user in Asia?

A survey done in Asia a few months ago supposedly found that the majority of those polled thought that rhino horn products came from rhino who died from natural causes. Now before you go shaking your head in disbelief, do you know where the T-shirt or belt you wear were made and at what human, animal or environmental price? Not to mention the burger you may have had for lunch!

It may behoove us all to stop for a minute and do a little research into the items we so readily consume. Like me, you might be shocked and feel compelled to make a few adjustments. With this mind we asked Sandy Robbins to work her magic regarding the rhino horn myth.

She did and spun the Dr. Seuss-like tale titled Frank and the Rhino Horn. This short free ebook written so even a child can understand the erroneous thinking is charmingly illustrated by Christy Underwood.

Besides being available as an eStory we’ve also produced a coloring book version which is part of our ‘Save the Rhino’ Kids’ Party Kit (all at no cost.)

Our ebooks and our party kits are free and downloadable. We’d love it if you used them and shared them. All we ask is that links and credit is given to the creators and Nikela.

Now aren’t you just a bit interested in reading about a boy named Frank and how he came about trading rhino horn shavings for a selfish craving and what unexpectedly changed his heart?

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2 Responses to Frank and the Rhino Horn a Dr. Seuss-like Tale about a Deadly Myth

  1. Pearl February 1, 2016 at 12:47 am #

    I don’t know if you have read about the pink poisonous dye they inject into the Rhino
    horn, what do you think about it? do you think there is a chance for these animals to be saved?

    • Wildlife Margrit February 1, 2016 at 2:47 am #

      Pearl there is a controversy about the use of poisonous dye being injected into the rhino horn. Lorinda Hern who does the horn infusions has been under a lot of scrutiny… However, I have personally met with her and she tells me that… and this is the important part… where rhino’s have had the horn infusion there have been no poaching incidents! Now this is big! So from my finite perspective if the infusion deters poachers then we are saving rhinos. As far as is there hope to save the species? There has to be Pearl otherwise we might as well throw in the towel now.

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