Fall In Love With Seven Of Our Wildlife Heroes – PODCAST VIDEO

 Each so different, yet each so the same in their passion for Africa. They are wildlife heroes everyone should get to know.

Fall in love with 7 of our wildlife heroes

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You ever hear about the efforts of the big wildlife conservation organizations? You ever wonder if your small donation really matters or makes a difference?

We sure did. That’s one reason we travel Africa in our old Land Rover looking for the little guys and gals. Those amazing people that are on the ground saving one critter at a time. They are our heroes.

Seven of our Wildlife Heroes

For these people saving Africa’s wildlife a few dollars makes a huge difference… goes an awful long way.

We’re talking about People like…

Moses reforms animal poachers in Uganda 2000x

Moses who reforms animal poachers.

Yup, after his first march to save elephants in his village outside of Bwindi National Park in Uganda, poachers approached him. They brought him their snares and spears. Being the innovative and courageous man he is, Moses got these first men started on money making alternatives. Namely, bee keeping and tilapia fish farming. Moses continuous to encourage others to give up the poaching life. He now has informants in numerous villages and his ability to save elephants, and even the highly endangered pangolin, is ever increasing.

What a privilege it is to know and assist this wildlife hero. MORE about Moses

Lynn saves forest elephants in Malawi

Lynn who protects the forgotten elephants and their forest.

Not too many years ago all the elephants were gone from the Thuma Forest in Malawi. Lynn and her team of ranger scouts have brought them back. Today over 130 elephants call this forest home. The challenges are humongous in the poorest of African countries. Elephant ivory brings much money in the illegal wildlife trade. Not only that, the trees in the forest are harvested to make charcoal. Lynn makes every attempt to work with the local communities. At the same time when her team catches poachers she goes all out with the local authorities to prosecute to the max.

What an honor to know and assist this tenacious wildlife hero. MORE about Lynn…

Silke saves monkeys 2000x

Silke who gives orphaned baby monkeys new families.

Every November through December about 30 plus tiny orphaned vervet monkeys arrive at Bambelela. These little ‘pink faces’, as Silke and her team affectionately call them, are frequently in need of medical care, proper nourishment and all need a lot of love. Then there are the juvenile and adult monkeys, either confiscated, injured or surrendered to the wildlife center. Expertly Silke organizes these various monkeys into new families, or troops as they’re called. Some troops end up being as large as over 50 while others as small as around 20 monkeys. Each troop is carefully raised up and weened of human interaction. After about three years they are ready for a second chance at living free. Silke has released fifteen troops! We’ve sponsored two of them.

What a great thing to know and support this dedicated wildlife hero.  MORE about Silke…

Philipo saves lions with lights 2000x

Philipo who saves lions with lights.

It was an unusually rainy day. Tanzania needed the moisture desperately. We saw dead and dying cattle as we drove with Philipo to the cattle post outside of Tarangire National Park. Despite the drought lions posed an almost equally big threat to these farmers. As humans encroach on wild places lions get too close to livestock. Farmers don’t like it when the lions prey on their cattle. When they do they retaliate mercilessly. At times wiping out entire lion prides. Philipo works with Patti founder of the Tanzania Lion Illumination Project. He is on a mission to provide every possible boma (that would literally be thousands of them) with lights. Lights have proven to keep lions away from the boma or kraal (where cattle are kept at night.)

It is a pleasure to know a Maasai warrior like Philipo, a hero for wildlife.  MORE about Philipo

Natalie save baby rhinos 2000x

Natalie who raises baby rhino orphaned by poachers.

One of the saddest things in the world is the cry of a baby rhino whose mother has just been killed by poachers. It will desperately try to get its mother up by nudging her, pushing her crying all the while. These young ones, if not found quickly by people like Natalie and her team, don’t survive. Fortunately there are people like Natalie with Rhino Revolution who know what it takes to raise a rhino calf. It’s much more complicated than we might think. Many are so stressed they don’t eat. Many need much care before they settle in with the other orphans. The public is not allowed to visit the rhino orphanage and human contact is limited as the end goal is, once old enough, to release them back into the wild. It takes courage to work in this heartbreaking arena.

We thank Natalie for being brave enough to do so.  MORE about Natalie…

Shannon saves lions of skies 2000x

Shannon who protects the lions of the skies.

Shannon is a skilled falconer. Her passion is to educate and thrill her audience as she flies her team of ambassador birds at the African Bird of Prey Sanctuary in South Africa. The sanctuary is home to raptors that for one reason or another can’t be released. Owls, hawks, eagles, kites and vultures call the sanctuary home. More recently Shannon has embraced a gigantic project. To keep the endangered, very good looking, Bearded Vulture from going extinct.

What an amazing Lady! A true wildlife hero. MORE about Shannon…

Baye saves them all

Baye who saves them all…

From the smallest hedgehog or bush baby to zebra, primates and Serval cats. It was actually an orphaned baby baboon that started it all for her a few years back. Today Baye runs a marvelous rescue and rehabilitation center outside of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. Her goal is to get every animal (bird or frog) brought to Free to be Wild back out there where they belong. And as quickly as possible.

What an exemplary young wildlife hero. MORE about Baye…

These are a few of the wildlife heroes we’ve met over the past years. Each faces crazy odds. Each is dedicated and committed to doing their part. It is such a privilege to personally know and support.

Care to join the adventure? Helping is easy…

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