Why we didn’t visit more National Parks and Game Reserves in Tanzania

Tanzania boasts some of Africa’s most well known National Parks and Game Reserves with a variety of iconic wildlife species.

Why we didn't visit all of Tanzania's National Parks and Game Reserves

“You’ve got to be kidding!”
Was my first reaction when Russ told me how much it would cost us to visit the Serengeti, Selous, Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangire to name a few of Tanzania’s National Parks and Game Reserves.

When we started planning our trip north to Kenya from South Africa viewing wildlife was of course top of the list. Besides finding the people who save them so diligently.

There’s nothing quite like being in one of those national parks and game reserves. Where animals and birds live free in their natural habitat.

water buffalo Serengeti

My most favorite thing is to sit at a waterhole. I could do that for hours. Simply watching the animals come and go. Especially to watch them interact. It’s fascinating to see the pecking order. Who chases whom. Who’s afraid of whom. And even, who comes in first to drink. The old or the young? [Watch what we saw at this waterhole.]

“We have to chose. We can’t afford to visit them all!”
I knew Russ was right. You see we travel Africa looking for people saving wildlife. We like to share their stories. Stories of Lynn protecting elephant from poachers in Malawi. Marnus saving lions from irate farmers in Botswana. Baye rescuing serval and other critters in Zimbabwe. Silke giving persecuted vervet monkeys a second chance at living free in South Africa. And the list goes on. [Watch some of the videos on People Saving Wildlife Playlist.]

Besides telling their stories, with donations from people like you, we can offer assistance. Don’t worry, we pay for all our travel expenses. 100% of your donations go to save wildlife. (You might want to see how we helped people saving wildlife in 2016.)

So which National Parks and Game Reserves did we pick to visit in Tanzania?

zebra in the Serengeti

The Serengeti. We got a bonus (for an extra $280) to visit the beautiful Ngorongoro Crater Reserve because coming from Arusha you have to pass through it to get to the Serengeti.

Our self-drive cost for one night in the Ngorongoro Reserve and two nights in the Serengeti (or 72 hours) came to over $800. And we didn’t pay the additional $295 to actually drive into the Crater! [Watch the beauty of the Ngorongoro as we saw it.]

Why the Serengeti?

water buffalo herd Serengeti

Because it is quite different from any other park. The large open Savannah and the huge herds is what I wanted to see most. And we did.

Quite unexpectedly we came across a lioness walking in the long grass. She was going the same direction we were. She walked up on an old termite mound and sniffed the air. I thought she must know something.

lioness stalking Serengeti

I was right as we looked far into the distance in the direction she was looking, which was straight ahead, there we saw them. Hundreds of black dots moving this way. I grabbed the binoculars. Zebra and wildebeest! They were coming around the mountain on to the plains. We left the lioness to her stalking and moved on. Fortunately a turnoff took us right to the long line of animals walking in single file. By now there were thousands in view crossing the road right in front of us.

Our very own mini migration!

mini wildebeest and zebra migration Serengeti

It was a sight to behold. Zebra and wildebeest walking mixed together, stopping to drink from the large puddle in the road, then moving on. [Video coming soon]

We spent 23 hours on our own game drives during our stay in the Serengeti. We could have stayed weeks. That is of course cost prohibitive.

Was it worth it! You better believe it!
Will we visit other of Tanzania’s National Parks and Game Reserves? That all depends how much money we have left when we circle back down from Kenya in a few months.

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