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PODCAST Protecting Cheetahs in the Wild #NikelaAfrica

CCF Protecting Cheetahs in the Wilds - Job - Margrit 645x200

Common sense and studies say protecting cheetahs in the wild is the best conservation method for this species #podcast #NikelaAfrica “Hmm! Are they good guys?” This is a question I always ask before we visit and meet with folks doing wildlife conservation. Now you’d think everyone was on the same page! But not so. That’s […]

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PODCAST Why we know so little about giraffes #NikelaAfrica

NAM Windhoek GCF Steph Fennessy Margrit 645x200

Giraffes are one of the most well known species around the world, yet until Julian Fennessy began researching them we knew next to nothing about them. Did you know that if they were actually counted giraffes may be classified as endangered? I sure didn’t. We spend an enlightening couple of hours with Steph Fennessy from […]

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PODCAST Oh The People We Meet – Live Interview Snippets #NikelaAfrica

Jurg-Patrick-Vincent 645x200

Meet three amazing guys doing good for wildlife, includes live interview snippets, PODCAST #NikelaAfrica The people we label as ‘wildlife conservationists’ are as varied in their work, outlook, focus and ideology as are their personalities and appearance. What we learn from them is equally diverse. In this podcast I share some wildlife conservation considerations that […]

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PODCAST On The Road 4×4 Stopover #NikelaAfrica

Lany uphill climb 645x200

Some stopovers while overlanding are more fun than others, this was one of those extraordinary ones #NikelaAfrica Frequently we simply find a place to camp when we’re ready. This stopover was no exception. Little did we know we’d have an adventure and make some new ‘friends’. Key #NikelaAfrica into the Search bar for stories, videos […]

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PODCAST Oh The People We Meet Part 2 #NikelaAfrica

KZN FreeMeKZN babies Nyala Duiker 645x200

Meeting dedicated wildlife conservationists like Roz with FreeMeKZN is one of the things we enjoy most as we travel in Africa, podcast. “You must go see Roz,” Bruce my mother’s financial advisor told us.  Now, every time we are in the area we stop by  the FreeMeKZN wildlife rescue and rehab center. We are never […]

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PODCAST Wildlife Conservation Today – What is it Really?

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Like most ideologies wildlife conservation has evolved and morphed into what is is today some good some bad, podcast. Wildlife conservation, what is it really? Is it about preserving wild animals and birds? I would venture to say that’s what I thought. However, it doesn’t take much to realize that modern wildlife conservation is not […]

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PODCAST Oh the People We Meet Part 1 #NikelaAfrica

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Meeting dedicated wildlife conservationists of all types is one of the things we enjoy most as we travel in Africa, podcast. They’re young and not so young. They’re men and they’re women. One thing they have in common is a love for Africa’s iconic wildlife and the dedication to save and protect it. And we […]

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PODCAST: Living in a Land Rover in Africa #NikelaAfrica

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Ride along with us in our Land Rover as we meet dedicated wildlife conservationists, view amazing wildlife and have some crazy adventures along the way via our Podcasts. Downsizing! Russ and I have lived in about every space imaginable. From a 4,000 sq ft mission home, spacious two story, patio home, apartment, RV and now… […]

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