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I have some questions about Africa


A seven year old with questions about Africa interviews Margrit Harris with Nikela. Listen to the interview… “I have some questions about Africa.” Our seven year old granddaughter said as we were sitting around the farm table. All three of these grandchildren are eager to find ways they can help us save African wildlife. During […]

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A Day Of Celebration And Prayer To Save Wildlife

DSC01563 FHM rhino handprints Russ Margrit group 645x

Coming together of several different wildlife advocates for a time of prayer and learning at Family Home Ministries all to save wildlife. Prefer to LISTEN… You know those times when the stars align and magic happens? Well, that’s what it was for us this weekend. Centered on wildlife and God’s creations, a program was crafted […]

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PODCAST Five Things We Can Learn From Small Wildlife Conservationists

NAM Etosha Pan 3 elephants drinking 645x200

It’s with the small wildlife conservationists where their and maybe our future lies The initial intention of  this story was to highlight the common struggles of small wildlife conservationists. As I wrote I realized the amazing strengths these have developed and what us ordinary folk stand to learn from this dedicated group of people. (Watch […]

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PODCAST Is Your Stress Relief Right In Front Of You?

BOT Kasane Chobe Camp sunset river 1 645x200

Feeling uptight or worn out you might find this simple stress relief notion works for you too, podcast. After rather an emotional roller coaster ride this last week I’m going to deviate a bit from the normal stories about the people we meet and the wildlife we see and talk about something that most of […]

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PODCAST A Day in the Bush with the Man Who Protects Lions

BOT WFL Russ Marnus ligh siren solar kraal 645x200

Before we even met we ran a matching challenge campaign to assist the man who protects lions in Botswana with lights, PODCAST. “They’ve been here!” I stare at the sand track in front of us. Really where? Obviously it takes a trained and keen eye to pick out lion spoor from a moving vehicle! Enjoy […]

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PODCAST Protecting Cheetahs in the Wild #NikelaAfrica

CCF Protecting Cheetahs in the Wilds - Job - Margrit 645x200

Common sense and studies say protecting cheetahs in the wild is the best conservation method for this species #podcast #NikelaAfrica “Hmm! Are they good guys?” This is a question I always ask before we visit and meet with folks doing wildlife conservation. Now you’d think everyone was on the same page! But not so. That’s […]

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