Mpumalanga tightens up on elephant trophy hunting


Despite the poaching crisis the fact that elephant trophy hunting continues remains troubling, however, this is some good news from Mpumalanga. Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA) has confirmed that it will not issue permits to elephant trophy hunting with unlimited tusk weights. In a surprise development MTPA permitting authority, Riaan de Lange, confirmed that […]

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Rescued Orphans Now Released – Serval Cats Update

Released Serval FTBW 645x200

Baye says it best, “There’s nothing better than returning rescued orphans back into the wild.” From being kept in a small cage to living free. Macho and Sabre are two gorgeous Serval Cats. A young man had them in a small cage for several years. Then, when he left home his mother jumped on the […]

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Botswana Budget Cuts Imperil Rhino Anti Poaching

DSC05620 KRS rhino cow calf

Long known for its topnotch success in protecting its rhino population Botswana’s budget cuts may change all that. Botswana’s world acclaimed anti-poaching success story is being threatened by budget cuts that have forced the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP) to curtail patrols of the crack Rhino Squad. The cuts have also created a […]

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Breaking News for Wild Lions in Northern Namibia


Did you know protecting wild lions in their natural environment is the absolute best way to preserve the species long term? He’s back! Great news for wild lions. After several challenging months addressing the usual permit and funding related matters Walking For Lions is back. When we first met Marnus, a few years ago, he […]

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An interview with the man who reforms elephant poachers in Uganda

UGA Margrit Moses office 645x200

Overlanding is awesome! We meet dedicated and passionate people like Moses, the man who reforms elephant poachers. Moses hiked us all over the place in his small village in Uganda. After meeting reformed poachers and farmers saving rainforest I was blown away. Moses, a former wildlife ranger, has accomplished so much. However, I realized we […]

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Is political corruption at the heart of Africa’s ever growing problems?

Amboseli sunset 645x200

People disappear, get killed for speaking out against political corruption in Africa and nothing changes. Where will it end? Corruption, apathy and cruelty at every turn. One of benefits of being Overlanders is meeting interesting people along the way. Tony is in the agricultural business in Zimbawe. Naturally conversations invariably turn to wildlife conservation. Not […]

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