Why I have this Love-Hate relationship with Africa!

Why I have this love-hate relations with Africa 645x200

Traveling Africa is exciting, adventurous and can also become a real love-hate relationship by what we experience from day to day. I didn’t stop to help! I walked by the rubbish on the beach! Suddenly I caught myself. What’s going on? In my right mind I never go on by without offering help. In my […]

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Why there’s Hope for the Nyungwe Rainforest in Rwanda with people like Hope

DSC03640 RWA Nyungwe NP Margrit Hope hike-645x200

Much is being tried to stop the wild animal, bird, bee and tree poaching in the Nyungwe Rainforest “Who’s the most dangerous animal?” With this question Hope introduces his hiking guests to the Nyungwe rainforest in Rwanda. “Lion!” “Elephant!” Even “Hippo!” are the responses. However, Hope gently says, “No, it’s Humans!” We’re fortunate enough to […]

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Is this how wildlife conservation should be?

DSC02756 KEN Iten Raphael Russ sketch

If the world had more people like Raphael we wouldn’t have to worry about wildlife conservation. “Let’s pack up,” I tell Russ that morning. Russ wanted to leave our table and chairs under the tree to save our campsite while we took off for church. However, I had this inkling that we may not come […]

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Have we already forgotten Cecil the Lion?

Cecil the Lion Forbescom 645x200

Eighteen months ago Cecil the Lion was lured and mercilessly killed by a trophy hunter and its about to happen again in Namibia. “Is this what desert lions are worth in Namibia?” Izak Smit who helps saves desert lions is totally mortified. Recently a Namibian trophy hunting oufit advertised the shooting of a gorgeous black […]

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How one man is saving wildlife by reforming poachers in Uganda

UGA Margrit Moses office sign 645x200

We’d heard that its possible, reforming poachers and giving them viable alternatives, however, I was dubious until I met Moses and his group. “As you drive to Buhoma Gate we are on the way in Rugando village.” Well, Rugando isn’t on our GPS or map. So we drive to our camp outside Bwindi Impenetrable National […]

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Wildlife’s new enemy – the online hate culture

online hate culture

How the hate culture is hampering wildlife conservation Of all the opposition facing African wildlife’s survival, this latest enemy may be the worst one yet. Sure wildlife trafficking is huge and literally millions of animals and birds lose their lives every year. Just recently a shipment of pangolin scales harvested from some 10,000 pangolins was […]

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Thank You Letter From Felix a Wildlife Ranger Scout

DSC02553 WAG Russ scout patrol hike-645x200

What a welcome surprise in my inbox, a thank you letter from a wildlife ranger scout we sponsor. Late last year we sponsored a wildlife ranger scout to save elephants for 2017. We decided to do this after we’d met Lynn Clifford. Just weeks before she’d been in a crazy gyrocopter accident. They were tracking a […]

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What’s happening to the wildlife in progressive Rwanda?

DSC03626 RWA Nyungwe NP mountain monkey-645x200

As Margrit and Russ travel Africa they discover what’s happening to wildlife in progressive Rwanda. Mere meters before you get to the Rwandan border from Tanzania there is this strange crossover. Suddenly without warning you’re driving on the right side of the road. This is but the first of many surprising changes we find upon […]

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Where’s the African Jungle? 4 Trends Showing Our Future.

Russ blog 645x200 DSC03929 QENP scene green forest river

“Really? Most of the African Jungle is gone and the demand for resources is sky rocketing? I need to rethink my Mining Engineer biases.” You know how you think Texas is filled with Long Horned Cattle and Cowboy? Well, it’s the same with Africa. There should be tons of Jungle and Bushmen. Right?  Remaining is very […]

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