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Five Top Ways People Protect Wild Animals in Africa

BOT Chobe Park giraffe savanah scene 645x200

For 7 years, Margrit & Russ talked with the people on the ground in Africa and here is what they discovered. “Protect wild animals in Africa? No problem. Just have the Wildlife community get together and work things out!” That was my naïve solution as a retiring engineer from the U.S. Looking back it was […]

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Where’s the African Jungle? 4 Trends Showing Our Future.

Russ blog 645x200 DSC03929 QENP scene green forest river

“Really? Most of the African Jungle is gone and the demand for resources is sky rocketing? I need to rethink my Mining Engineer biases.” You know how you think Texas is filled with Long Horned Cattle and Cowboy? Well, it’s the same with Africa. There should be tons of Jungle and Bushmen. Right?  Remaining is very […]

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Travel Africa: Cool Land Rover Gear You Can’t Live Without

kitting landy 645x200

Posts of kitting our Travel Africa overland vehicle started Our African Retirement Estate on Wheels,  then Land Rover TD5 Right Vehicle?  followed by 5 Essential Vehicle Modifications and now Cool Gear. Storing and Preparing Food Hooray, if you travel Africa you won’t have to forage or survive on crackers and tuna fish!  Depending on locality and […]

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Zero Wildlife to Thriving Big 5 Game Reserve – Impossible?


What a great idea! Revitalize and restock old African National Parks often poached to extinction. The challenges are insurmountable but “African Parks” creats Big 5 Game Reserve throughout Africa. Gain the Political Will of Governments. Helping them remember how these parks are their heritage, the beauty of nature, the wonder of wildlife, a boost to their […]

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5 Essential Land Rover Modifications to Travel Africa


Your Land Rover modifications depend on how much stuff you need for your choice of African Travel. Basically your travel plans, comfort needs, off road expectations, and of course your budget determine the modifications. Some people shell out tons of money for a frame up rebuild; $150,00 plus. Others add a few extras on old stock […]

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The Man Behind This Year-Long Anti-Poaching Boot Camp


An eye-opening glimpse into an anti-poaching boot camp and the man behind it. We were welcomed to the Nkwe Anti-Poaching camp by two rather plump lazy looking Jack Russell dogs and a teeny tiny scruffy little thing full of wags and wiggles. These three are also unlikely track stars running 4 kilometers through the bush […]

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Land Rover Defender – Our African Retirement Estate on Wheels


Confidence in the bush with “all” the comforts of home. Let us show you how this Land Rover Defender became our home while traveling Africa searching for people saving wildlife. I first pictured OVERLANDING in Africa as driving our old 2001 Land Rover Defender through deep sand or muddy impossible Jungle from the Sahara to […]

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A Day Of Celebration And Prayer To Save Wildlife

DSC01563 FHM rhino handprints Russ Margrit group 645x

Coming together of several different wildlife advocates for a time of prayer and learning at Family Home Ministries all to save wildlife. Prefer to LISTEN… You know those times when the stars align and magic happens? Well, that’s what it was for us this weekend. Centered on wildlife and God’s creations, a program was crafted […]

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Underwater Monkeys & Nikela’s Future

Monkeys Gracie-645x200

Nikela’s future for saving wildlife is looking brighter with a Google Ad Grant and Community Boost.  But… underwater monkeys? Remember those half-awake dreams at three in the morning where you are churning to save the world or yourself from imminent doom? Each new solution becomes more hopeless. Well, last night’s Boerewors (South African sausage) spoke […]

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