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Is political corruption at the heart of Africa’s ever growing problems?

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People disappear, get killed for speaking out against political corruption in Africa and nothing changes. Where will it end? Corruption, apathy and cruelty at every turn. One of benefits of being Overlanders is meeting interesting people along the way. Tony is in the agricultural business in Zimbawe. Naturally conversations invariably turn to wildlife conservation. Not […]

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The conclusion of the Land Rover Stuck in Tanzania Saga

stuck 3 - Landy shop 645x200

It all began quite suddenly without warning and turned into quite the Land Rover Stuck in Tanzania adventure. The entire stuck in Tanzania saga took 14 days. Yes, it was all of two weeks later that we finally are back on the road south. It all started when driving the back road from Singadi to […]

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Why the praised biodiversity notion is not working in Africa

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This commentary is purely based on what we saw and learned during our months traveling and visiting with people in Malawi, Kenya and Tanzania. Wildlife conservation as a concept has morphed from preserving fauna and flora in natural ecosystems to a biodiversity notion. Phrases like, “sustainable use” and “wildlife management” have made a commodity out […]

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2 ways we’re killing our birds of prey one old one new

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Birds of prey are all around us but largely go unnoticed as do the threats killing them. It was actually a bird and a $100 bill that got Nikela started almost seven years ago. Since then birds of prey and those who protect them, like Shannon, have our attention. Birds of prey, besides being beautiful, […]

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How the Thula Thula tragedy is bringing people together

NAM Etosha Pan night rhino waterhole 645x200

Since it happened the night of February 20th the social media has been buzzing with the Thula Thula tragedy. For days I’ve been speechless and heartsick after hearing about the Thula Thula tragedy. How could human beings be so cruel? How could they attack and harm defenseless baby rhinos and those who care for them? […]

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Saving African Wildlife: Five wildlife conservation projects to watch in 2017

WAG thuma Forest elephant herd 645x200

Across Africa large and small wildlife conservation projects abound. Some highly effective ones are the smaller grassroots operations. The first quarter of 2017 is rushing on by. We’re fortunate to visit some incredible wildlife conservation projects during our travels in Africa. Since October 2016 we’ve been on the road, from South Africa, through Botswana, Zimbabwe, […]

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Almost the Rest of the Stuck in Tanzania Story

DSC05391 KM towing Landy tractor 645x200

On Wednesday afternoon we get stuck in Tanzania, in the middle of nowhere, and by Saturday we’re still in the small remote village. “It must be five o’clock!” Russ groans as the morning prayers blast through the village. Five times a day Muslim devotionals are broadcast via loudspeakers. Even in remote villages like Kwa Mtoro […]

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